Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Christmas Ideas

Well, Hello!
No I haven't forgotten my blog
So much is going on in my little space of the world.
Of course, this time of year is a busy, busy time.
I haven't gotten things at my home ready to show you. .
Sorry! I feel so overwhelmed right now. . .
But, I am going to show you some wonderful
Ideas from other great talented ladies.
You can find so much at Pinterest. .
I want to make some of these cute ruffeled trees. .

Aren't they just the cutest?
Now how about this?
I want my tree and home to look like this
Oh, What a Winter Wonderland!

Well, sadly to say, my place looks nothing like this. ..
I have been making Christmas pillow cases. .
Remember the pile of fabric I have. .?
I am still not finished making
Christasm Pillowcases. .
And to top it off it took me 3 days to thread my Serger. . .
Well, I may be off for a few days. . .
I am trying to get things decorated before
 The holidays are over.
Seriously. . . That is about the way things are going for me.
 I already think I am ready for a
Long Winter's Nap. . .!


  1. Hi Karie...

    I just seen that you posted and wanted to stop by to say hello! Ohhh...your sure did give us some "eye candy" to look at! I love the little fabric Christmas trees on the wooden spools...sooo darling! I bet they would be fairly easy to make too! Yes, there is just tons of inspiration here in Blogland and at Pinterest! Thank you for sharing the beautiful Christmas with us today, dear lady!

    I hope you'll show us the Christmas pillow cases that you are making...I'd love to see them!

    Warmest Christmas Wishes,

  2. I don't know why we get ourselves into such deep water over this Christmas time. I decided yesterday that I was going to make stuff all year round next year, for Christmas. I have actually given up trying to finish everything I have on my list cause it is just not going to happen. Take some deep breaths dear friend. Cant wait to see your pillows!

  3. Do you need me to come and visit for a few days??? LOL!
    Love ya!


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