Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It Is Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Well, it is about time?
Yes, it is beginning to look like
Christmas at my Home. .
And it is about time.
I have never been so behind in decorating!
Finally I have a few things to show you.
Hope you enjoy visiting my
 Since I don't have a Mantel. .
My Shelf
Is decorated in holiday style
 This is the wall gallery. . . .
My shelf is blue, and the frames are blue and white. .
I love Red so I accented with Christmas Red.
 Most of my decorations are from years past.
 I love these prints of Santa. . . they remind me of my
Childhood and my Children's.
 I found the three little Angels. . .just this year at DI
I fell in love with them. . .
 Each one is different
 Cute little expressions on their faces.
 I can almost hear them singing Heavenly Joy!
 Tradition, Tradition. . My Christmas if full of
Traditions and Treasures
There are things I have had for many many years.
A life time of years. . .
Each year I bring them out. . .my thoughts turn
To another time and another place.
 To some they may just be objects. . . But
To me they are my treasures. . .of my life and of people I love.
Each holding a special place in my heart. .
So the Mantel Shelf is finally decorated and ready
For The Christmas Holiday. . .
How about you. . .
Do you love to surround yourself with
Treasures and Traditions. . .
At Christmas Time. . ?
I have lots more to show you. .
So Please come back. . .
I have missed you.


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