Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year In Review Part 2

I want to show you my
Tea Cups for this part of the
2011 Year In Review
I have always loved Tea Cups
Though I don't drink tea or coffee. .
This year I really found some beauties. .
And I have delighted in showing them off
This beautiful tea cup came to me from a fellow collector
I joined Martha's Tea Cup exchange in April
And a lady from Pennsylvania sent me this.
This is one of my favorites. . . I found it while
Visiting my brother in Kanab, Utah
Some of my tea cups I have found while thrifting at DI
 Some have been given to me.

 I have been thrilled to find 3 legged tea cups.
But, the Treasure of all my tea cups is this one
It belonged to my Grandma Dot
It is beautiful and delicate just like she was. .
I hope you enjoyed the journey of
Reviewing my Tea Cups.
Please come back again


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