Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just A Busy Life

I tell ya, I am going to get kicked out of
The Blogging World!
I haven't posted for quite sometime. . .
Life has been very busy in my little nook of the world
I have had some changes. .
I am back working in the working world. .
And I am not yet use to it!
I am so happy to be there though.
I just have to re-adjust, and I can't do as many of
The fun little projects I like to do.
(Some of the projects I like to do are big).
None the less, I am a busy gal these days.
I have been on a sewing and crocheting kick
Do you ever do that. . .just concentrate on a couple of things.
Here is one of the cute pillow cases I have been making.
 One of my little Granddaughter's birthday was this month
And I made her this pillowcase. . .
I love making pillowcases. 
I am going to make a few for my bed.
 I will be putting away January things soon. .
My Grandmother gave me this adorable figurine when I was
A young child. . .I am a January baby. .
It is a Josef Original.
This is the January Precious Moment figurine.
Not only am I a January baby,
But. . so is my
Brother, a Son, two Grandsons and a Granddaughter.
Me and my Family party all month!
Well, I will be putting out
February decorations soon. 
Why do I keep changing?
I don't know why. . .I have done it forever.
I hope to be back to posting more often. .
Working full-time at my age is hard!
Come back soon and check on me. . .

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Monday, January 9, 2012


One of my favorite months. . .
I have a lot of things going on in this month
And I rather like it.
It is nice to have a little lighter decor
After all of the December decorations.
Here is a peek of my home in
 Blue is my favorite color
I think of January as Blue.
 Aren't these little song birds the cutest?
You can almost hear their little January song.
I got these last year at a winter sale.
 This is a new little figurine . . .oh, I am a sucker for figurines. .
What is it with me? I just love cutesy things!
 I love decorating with my frame. . .
I change the fabric to match whatever decorating theme I am using
(Or not using).
 The vignette looks fresh and bright to me.
The television armoire is one I found at DI and I painted it.
 My home is very small. . .
And there I times I would like a little more space.
 I have a lot of things and I try to make my home as
Pleasant, warm and inviting as I can.
I will leave you with the little
January Song Birds.
I hope you can hear their sweet song. . .
Please do come back again

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where Is The Snow

It just doesn't seem right. .
We have no snow!
And I miss it. . .Really I do
I love the snow.
I love the Wasatch Mountain with SNOW
Salt Lake City is beautiful with the Wasatch Mountains
Covered with the white stuff. . .SNOW
 Utah has the most beautiful mountains. . .and I love the SNOW
 The mountains and the valleys do not look like this right now
It is the first of January and it is dry and dull. . .no beautiful
 I want it to look like this. . . SNOW!
Oh, it eventually will come. . .But I want it now
Utah is known for it's SNOW in April and May
When we all want Spring.
I am just an ole sentimentalist. . .I want my Winter
To be SNOWY!
I want to sit in my warm house and watch it SNOW. .
Oh, Please send the

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year In Review Part 3

Now I am on a roll showing you my
Completed Projects for 2011
Today I want to show you the
Cute Chairs
I have painted. . .
I find them at the thrift store (DI)
I just can't seem to pass up a chair.
 This is my Mandolin Chair
 I think it is one of my favorites.
 I "really" wanted a Pink Chair.
I was inspired by this chair at
 This is my Blue Colonial Chair

 And My White Colonial Chair
 I really want to paint this chair and the 5 matching ones.
But, my kids say "NO"!
They claim they will inherit the chairs someday and they
Don't want the set of chairs that goes to the round oak
Dining Table, to have painted chairs. .
Silly kids! They just don't understand. . .
Oh, one last favorite chair. . .
This little cutie I found on the curb. .
My neighbors set it out for the garbage. .
Boy, did I snatch it up. . Of course I did get permission.
Well, there you have it
My Chair Review. .
Hope you enjoyed. .
(by the way, I have two more chairs waiting to be painted)!
Do Come Back Again
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