Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just A Busy Life

I tell ya, I am going to get kicked out of
The Blogging World!
I haven't posted for quite sometime. . .
Life has been very busy in my little nook of the world
I have had some changes. .
I am back working in the working world. .
And I am not yet use to it!
I am so happy to be there though.
I just have to re-adjust, and I can't do as many of
The fun little projects I like to do.
(Some of the projects I like to do are big).
None the less, I am a busy gal these days.
I have been on a sewing and crocheting kick
Do you ever do that. . .just concentrate on a couple of things.
Here is one of the cute pillow cases I have been making.
 One of my little Granddaughter's birthday was this month
And I made her this pillowcase. . .
I love making pillowcases. 
I am going to make a few for my bed.
 I will be putting away January things soon. .
My Grandmother gave me this adorable figurine when I was
A young child. . .I am a January baby. .
It is a Josef Original.
This is the January Precious Moment figurine.
Not only am I a January baby,
But. . so is my
Brother, a Son, two Grandsons and a Granddaughter.
Me and my Family party all month!
Well, I will be putting out
February decorations soon. 
Why do I keep changing?
I don't know why. . .I have done it forever.
I hope to be back to posting more often. .
Working full-time at my age is hard!
Come back soon and check on me. . .

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  1. Well done Karie on your job! What are you doing? I have to change jobs this month, the lady I care for has been given weeks to live, so sad :{
    Happy Birthday for whenever and I love your pillow cases!


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