Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where Is The Snow

It just doesn't seem right. .
We have no snow!
And I miss it. . .Really I do
I love the snow.
I love the Wasatch Mountain with SNOW
Salt Lake City is beautiful with the Wasatch Mountains
Covered with the white stuff. . .SNOW
 Utah has the most beautiful mountains. . .and I love the SNOW
 The mountains and the valleys do not look like this right now
It is the first of January and it is dry and dull. . .no beautiful
 I want it to look like this. . . SNOW!
Oh, it eventually will come. . .But I want it now
Utah is known for it's SNOW in April and May
When we all want Spring.
I am just an ole sentimentalist. . .I want my Winter
To be SNOWY!
I want to sit in my warm house and watch it SNOW. .
Oh, Please send the

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