Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year In Review Part 3

Now I am on a roll showing you my
Completed Projects for 2011
Today I want to show you the
Cute Chairs
I have painted. . .
I find them at the thrift store (DI)
I just can't seem to pass up a chair.
 This is my Mandolin Chair
 I think it is one of my favorites.
 I "really" wanted a Pink Chair.
I was inspired by this chair at
 This is my Blue Colonial Chair

 And My White Colonial Chair
 I really want to paint this chair and the 5 matching ones.
But, my kids say "NO"!
They claim they will inherit the chairs someday and they
Don't want the set of chairs that goes to the round oak
Dining Table, to have painted chairs. .
Silly kids! They just don't understand. . .
Oh, one last favorite chair. . .
This little cutie I found on the curb. .
My neighbors set it out for the garbage. .
Boy, did I snatch it up. . Of course I did get permission.
Well, there you have it
My Chair Review. .
Hope you enjoyed. .
(by the way, I have two more chairs waiting to be painted)!
Do Come Back Again
I am going to link with these darling blogs
Be sure to check them out


  1. I love your chairs!!! You did a great job on each and every one! :)


  2. I loved my visit to your charming blog. My favorite is your mandolin chair.


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