Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Big Mistake. . .

 I made a big mistake. . .
Oh, it is nothing I can't undo. . thank goodness!
I made a huge mistake with one of my afghan's
A Big Mistake
 I was more than half way done with it. .
But, I knew I couldn't live with this mistake.
 So, what's a girl to do?
Unravel. . and that is what I did!
 A months worth of crocheting
And I am starting all over again.
Isn't it wonderful that we can start over again?
 I just knew I could Not live with this mistake.
It is all good. . !
Unraveling is ok, it doesn't hurt !
I will be happy when it is finished and I can show you
The Completed Crocheted Afghan
With NO Mistakes!


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  1. Oh I love crocheted work! Your Afgan (the bit you showed) looks stunning! And I agree, mistakes like that I can't live with :) If you can undo it, go for it! I cant wait to see it finished! :)



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