Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A New Picture

Yesterday, I bought a new picture.
My Aunt Carol had one like this
And I always loved it so much.
So when I saw it at a consignment shop in town
I just had to have it
It reminds me of my Aunt.
I am afraid it doesn't go well on my wall. . 
The grouping on my wall is white's and blue. . 

 I am still fussing and fiddling with the picture
And the shelf and
The grouping on the shelf.
But, I do love the picture.  
I don't like it when I am so undecided about a
Decorating idea.
Something is just not right. . .
Well, I will keep working with it
And show you what I come up with.
I just love the little "flower" balls I found at Michael's
It will soon be Spring. . .or so they say
I need to brighten things up in my rooms.
I will be showing you what I come up with
Maybe the picture frame is not right for that wall?
What do you think?


1 comment:

  1. Hi Karie,
    I love your little shelve..its the perfect size. I have one that looks just like yours in the guest bathroom also I have one over my bed. I like having shelve they are fun to decorate and always add a touch of charm to a wall.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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