Monday, March 19, 2012

It Won't Be Long

It won't be long until
Spring Arrives. .
Although, here in the high mountains
Of Utah
There will still be plenty of winter weather.
This little daffodil
Is telling  all of us she is hanging on!
I have been watching her for a few days
As she has poked through the rough rock and hard ground.
Her little head is now resting on the "Y" of the old wood stump
Little Daffodil lives at my son's house
She just looks so cute resting that little flower head.
Most people don't even notice her.
I like to search for Spring!
I love seeing the spring flowers popping 
Their colorful heads up through Mother Earth. .
They seem to be telling me
"Hold on It Won't Be Long. ." 
The Winter will pass and Spring will come
I couldn't help but put in a picture of little Zoey
She too was on the search for Spring with me.
The tulips are showing their green leaves. .
Won't be long until there colorful heads will be showing.
Oh, I can hardly wait!
How about you, is Spring showing her signs where you live?
Oh, I know some of you live where it is Spring all the time.
Not me, I live where I experience all the seasons. . .
Sometimes they get mixed up. . .
Hope you are having an awesome day!

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  1. Ahhh lonely little daffodil! I am in Charleston, South Carolina for a bit and it is already warm here! Everythign is in bud and the pollen count is sky high :)
    Hope you are well!


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