Saturday, March 24, 2012

On The Side of Feeling Good

It isn't unusual for me to go a few days
Without posting on my blog,
But let me tell you the reason I have been 
Missing. . .Sick. . .Sick. . .Sick!
I came down with the Influenza A
And yes, I did have my flu shot!
But evidently it was for a different strain. . 
Oh, I have been sick
I can't remember when I have been this sick.
Not only have I been sick, but 8 other
Members of my family have been sick.
It has been a week, and I am just now starting to think I will live.
It is bad stuff. . .really bad stuff
I have laid in bed, on the couch, and my recliner. . 
Temperature was 102
Aches, pains, cough, sore throat.
The works!
Today when I looked in the mirror,
I thought oh, dear I need a 
"complete make-over"
I did manage to dress and put a touch of make-up on.
Somehow it always makes me feel better to even have
Lipstick on.
Then I decided I could have my nails done. . .
That would make me feel better. . 
It did lift my spirits to have my nails looking pretty.
(hard to take a picture with one hand)
I stopped at one of my favorite shops in town
Ellie Jean's
She had the cutest Eiffel Tower plates. . 
I had to buy them. . . 
You know anything with the Eiffel Tower will make me feel better.

They are so cute in the dining area on this shelf.
Heaven forbid I show you a picture of what my house looks like now. . 
Being sick really takes it's toll on a house.
Isn't that strange?. . .I am the only one living here
And I have been so sick, I can't do anything, and yet
My house is a mess. . 
Makes me Wonder? Why?
Well, I think I am on the side of feeling better.
I hope you blogger friends don't get this nasty flu
Good Health to All. . . 
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  1. I hope youre doing better girl! :) And I love your nails! I love your french themed decor even more! :D


  2. I have just popped over from House in the Roses. I do so love your plates. French stuff is such the rage at the moment. I think it must be the Romance of it all. I love it too and have been putting graphics on everything.
    So sorry you aren't well. I do hope you get better soon.
    xx jeanetteann

  3. Sooo glad you are feeling better. That sickness is for the birds.

    Love your new nails and your new plates. :))
    Take good care and feel stronger soon.

  4. Oh sweet lady, you were sooo sick! I'm so glad you're better now. Us ladies, love to do our nails, hair color and some lipstick to cheer us up...or maybe a new blouse, lol..I like the way you did your nails, by the way. Have a healthy week, now. Thank you for your lovely and kind visit. Hugs,


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