Saturday, March 24, 2012

On The Side of Feeling Good

It isn't unusual for me to go a few days
Without posting on my blog,
But let me tell you the reason I have been 
Missing. . .Sick. . .Sick. . .Sick!
I came down with the Influenza A
And yes, I did have my flu shot!
But evidently it was for a different strain. . 
Oh, I have been sick
I can't remember when I have been this sick.
Not only have I been sick, but 8 other
Members of my family have been sick.
It has been a week, and I am just now starting to think I will live.
It is bad stuff. . .really bad stuff
I have laid in bed, on the couch, and my recliner. . 
Temperature was 102
Aches, pains, cough, sore throat.
The works!
Today when I looked in the mirror,
I thought oh, dear I need a 
"complete make-over"
I did manage to dress and put a touch of make-up on.
Somehow it always makes me feel better to even have
Lipstick on.
Then I decided I could have my nails done. . .
That would make me feel better. . 
It did lift my spirits to have my nails looking pretty.
(hard to take a picture with one hand)
I stopped at one of my favorite shops in town
Ellie Jean's
She had the cutest Eiffel Tower plates. . 
I had to buy them. . . 
You know anything with the Eiffel Tower will make me feel better.

They are so cute in the dining area on this shelf.
Heaven forbid I show you a picture of what my house looks like now. . 
Being sick really takes it's toll on a house.
Isn't that strange?. . .I am the only one living here
And I have been so sick, I can't do anything, and yet
My house is a mess. . 
Makes me Wonder? Why?
Well, I think I am on the side of feeling better.
I hope you blogger friends don't get this nasty flu
Good Health to All. . . 
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