Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharing Some Spring

I am sharing some of my Spring Photo's with you
I have posted them before,
But, I thought they were worth showing again.
I hope you enjoy seeing
In my beautiful Northern Utah home!
I will be back in a day or two.
I have a few projects I am doing.
Can't wait to show you
Be sure to come back. .

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Love of My Life

A sentimental post for today,
I hope you don't mind. . 
April 19th
Would be my 
Husband's  Birthday!
20 Years ago on a cold dark night
Death took him from me. . 
My life has never been the same.
I have changed!
He was my high school sweetheart
The love of my life
The father of my 4 children. . .
From that point on I would see things differently.
My journey on this earth has continued. . 
But I see the world through different eyes
And I hear the world with different ears.
My view has taken on more colors
And I see vistas I never knew were there
The music is more soft, more sublime, more meaningful.
The word Eternal has new meaning. . . 
More Power 
More Hope
To you my love
Some day we will meet again
Never to be separated. . 
We will continue our journey

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Dandilion Flower

While walking my little Zoey today
I noticed an abundance of Dandilions along the way
Seeing them brought back many memories of
My young children bringing me a bouquet of
Dandilions. .
They would be so happy to loving give me 
The beautiful flowers they had found.
Children think Dandilions are flowers
And somehow we, myself included, think of them as
Obnixious Weeds. .
I picked a few Dandilions
And I brought them home and put them in little
Old blue Vasaline jars. .
I looked at them through my childish eyes. .
The bright yellow flower head
Is strikingly beautiful, vibrant and eye- catching.
My young children could see the beauty in the
Dandilion, when I was blinded by my thoughts of it
Being a Weed. .
Hmmm, is there a lesson to be learned here?
I suppose there is, just as in most simple moments of life
There is a gentle reminder.
Possibly the lesson is
  All God's creations
Have a place in this wonderful world
Sometimes we loose our wonder and imagination.
We can not see the beauty beyond our
Pre-conceived prejudices. . .
I want to have eyes to see
Beyond my own understanding
I want to see
Beautiful Yellow Dandilions

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Having a Home is a Blessing.
Everywhere I have lived I have tried to
Make it a Home
 A comforting place for me and my
Family and Friends.
There was a time, not many years ago
That this is where I feared I would have to live. . .
Some broken down, windblown old barn
Ah, but alas, I have never had to live there. .
I have been very blessed
I will soon embark on
Home Ownership, once again!
Yes, I am buying my own
Nothing extravagant. Not a McMansion.
A sweet little Condo
A place to call my own.
Of course I will make some changes.
Paint is cheap. . .I have lots of ideas for the inside.
A few different view of it.
Even a two car garage. . oh, how I have missed a garage.
A beautiful bright sun room.
Won't that be fun to decorate?
There are two small side patio's
And a small back yard.
Oh, I am so anxious and excited and happy. .
I can't wait to move in.
I am the highest bidder, but you just never know
When buying a home.. .
It is not finalized yet.
So. . . . .I am asking for Prayers!
I know the Lord knows the righteous desires of my heart
And I know He hears and answers prayers.
And I know the Prayers of Many can bring about
So, here is to Faith and Hope
That this little space will belong to me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Defense Was Down

Oh Yes, My Defenses were down
Last week when I went 
I told my son-in-law his birthday present from me
Was for him to take me 
Antique Shopping!
I thought that would be a great present for him. . 
Oh, did we ever have fun.
Of course my daughter went with us. .
And she does not like Antiques nor anything Old. . 
But, me and Russell love it
And away we went.
He had the shops already staked out for us. . 
Here is just a preview of what I bought.
 I love old bottles. . 
I forgot to take a picture of the mild jug I found.
 And just look at this Hobnail Water Pitcher.
Oh, my heart was pounding when I saw this baby!
 Just how could I pass up this adorable rooster?
 I have never seen a rooster with these colors.
 And it is a planter. . .
Love the little spring flowers in it.
 Oh, but look at this beautiful stool
 No way was I passing this up with the beautiful needle point seat.
Oh, I am in love with it.
I had a ball Antique Shopping.
But the best piece I bought you won't get to see now
It cost a little more, and I am making payments on it. . 
Besides it is for when I move into my new place.
(another post will be coming about me moving)
None the less me and Russ will drag daughter along
Another Saturday as we hunt for treasures.
How about you. Do you like shopping for

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Very Blessed Easter

I hope everyone has a very
Blessed Easter
I love this time of year,
I love the sweet
Assuring message of 
It is a time to celebrate!
  We all much travel this journey of mortal life
 And though we shall all pass through the portals of death
 The sweet assuring message of Easter is
 Death is NOT the end. .  it is a glorious beginning
Jesus Christ The Redeemer of All
The Son of God
Made it possible for all to Live. .
May your heart be filled with His Peace. .
He Lives and so shall We!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Last Year

Last year I spent
In the beautiful surroundings of
Southern Utah
The colorful high desert of
Kanab, Utah
 Where the  Red Sandstone Rock Formations
Where formed over time . . 
To create an incredible vista of unique layers of sand and stone.
 Southern Utah is truly God's Master Piece of 
Wind and Water
Over hundreds of Millennium 
 The rough country was not easy for early
Settlers to tame. . .
 My Family and My Brother's family
Rolled Easter Eggs down the Red Sand Hills
Easter Saturday Picnic was a joyful time for
Little ones,,,,,and for big ones.
Frolicking in the red sand.
This year is different. . . 
Our annual Easter trip to Southern Utah
Didn't happen. . .
And I miss it!
Hopefully there is next year
And we will again be in the Red Sand
Of Southern Utah with our beloved family
Rolling Easter Eggs!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well Hello April

Hello April 1, 2012
Aren't you pretty?
I do believe you are playing tricks today
Momma Nature loves to play tricks,
It is Spring Time In Utah
And we often have days like this. . . 
 So. . .
I bring the beautiful flowers inside my home
And enjoy my own day of Spring. . .
A lovely Sabbath Day
Remembering the Lord and all He gives me
Even Snow, when I would rather see 
Flowers. . 
Happy April 1 !

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