Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Last Year

Last year I spent
In the beautiful surroundings of
Southern Utah
The colorful high desert of
Kanab, Utah
 Where the  Red Sandstone Rock Formations
Where formed over time . . 
To create an incredible vista of unique layers of sand and stone.
 Southern Utah is truly God's Master Piece of 
Wind and Water
Over hundreds of Millennium 
 The rough country was not easy for early
Settlers to tame. . .
 My Family and My Brother's family
Rolled Easter Eggs down the Red Sand Hills
Easter Saturday Picnic was a joyful time for
Little ones,,,,,and for big ones.
Frolicking in the red sand.
This year is different. . . 
Our annual Easter trip to Southern Utah
Didn't happen. . .
And I miss it!
Hopefully there is next year
And we will again be in the Red Sand
Of Southern Utah with our beloved family
Rolling Easter Eggs!

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  1. How very sweet! And what lovely memories! :) Im sure you'll have many many years left to meet for Easter!



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