Saturday, April 14, 2012


Having a Home is a Blessing.
Everywhere I have lived I have tried to
Make it a Home
 A comforting place for me and my
Family and Friends.
There was a time, not many years ago
That this is where I feared I would have to live. . .
Some broken down, windblown old barn
Ah, but alas, I have never had to live there. .
I have been very blessed
I will soon embark on
Home Ownership, once again!
Yes, I am buying my own
Nothing extravagant. Not a McMansion.
A sweet little Condo
A place to call my own.
Of course I will make some changes.
Paint is cheap. . .I have lots of ideas for the inside.
A few different view of it.
Even a two car garage. . oh, how I have missed a garage.
A beautiful bright sun room.
Won't that be fun to decorate?
There are two small side patio's
And a small back yard.
Oh, I am so anxious and excited and happy. .
I can't wait to move in.
I am the highest bidder, but you just never know
When buying a home.. .
It is not finalized yet.
So. . . . .I am asking for Prayers!
I know the Lord knows the righteous desires of my heart
And I know He hears and answers prayers.
And I know the Prayers of Many can bring about
So, here is to Faith and Hope
That this little space will belong to me.


  1. Hey There!
    I am praying for you that you get this home. It looks so nice and I expect to come over and chat, craft, and just talk with you when you move. :) I miss you!! Please let me know if everything goes well with the purchase..I have faith it will!

  2. Oh what a fabulous home. I will continue to pray for you that you get it. Such a blessing and I am sure you will make it a mansion when you move in. Hugs, Marty

  3. My prayers are being sent your way. I hope you get this lovely house. All of your very own touches will make it a special place to live.


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