Monday, April 9, 2012

My Defense Was Down

Oh Yes, My Defenses were down
Last week when I went 
I told my son-in-law his birthday present from me
Was for him to take me 
Antique Shopping!
I thought that would be a great present for him. . 
Oh, did we ever have fun.
Of course my daughter went with us. .
And she does not like Antiques nor anything Old. . 
But, me and Russell love it
And away we went.
He had the shops already staked out for us. . 
Here is just a preview of what I bought.
 I love old bottles. . 
I forgot to take a picture of the mild jug I found.
 And just look at this Hobnail Water Pitcher.
Oh, my heart was pounding when I saw this baby!
 Just how could I pass up this adorable rooster?
 I have never seen a rooster with these colors.
 And it is a planter. . .
Love the little spring flowers in it.
 Oh, but look at this beautiful stool
 No way was I passing this up with the beautiful needle point seat.
Oh, I am in love with it.
I had a ball Antique Shopping.
But the best piece I bought you won't get to see now
It cost a little more, and I am making payments on it. . 
Besides it is for when I move into my new place.
(another post will be coming about me moving)
None the less me and Russ will drag daughter along
Another Saturday as we hunt for treasures.
How about you. Do you like shopping for


  1. Great finds. Love the rooster, such unique colors. Of course, I love the bottles too. Your blog header is adorable.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful stool! I love all the items you found, and can't wait to see the "biggie". I love to antique too. I usually go alone, but don't mind at all. I found some gorgeous things this last weekend that I will be sharing soon. Thanks so much for your visit. I'm a new follower!

  3. I love that stool, thanks for sharing.


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