Thursday, May 31, 2012

French Word Wooden Box

Well, even amid the disarray of my moving mess
I still have that urge to find junk
And create something cute.
I have seen some real cute wood boxes
On various blogs, also
I have seen some cuteness using 
French Words on various cute objects.
(I want a stool like this)
This cuteness comes from 
Oh, she has the cute French Words all ready to 
Put on wood boxes, bottles, and wood stools.
Just whatever you chose .
Well here is my cute little wooden box
It was just a piece of "junk" that I found at the DI.
(sorry I forget the before pictures)
I first painted it white, then I dry brushed it Pink
Just giving it a dainty tint of Pink.
What I love though is the 
French Words
From a transfer I bought at
Ya, she sells adorable transfers.
Do check her blog and store out, you will be amazed.
I can sit my French Word Box
Anywhere, my Dresser, my Coffee Table.
It can hold my dainty hanky collection, or my 
Precious collection of Pins.
Oh, I just about forgot I just lined it with scrap-paper
Hmmmmm, I wonder what those French Words mean?
I am so glad I found my little wooden box and
Most of all I am glad I found the transfers from
There are so many talented gals out there in BloggerLand.
Thanks for stopping by.
I am going to join a couple of Link parties.
Beverly at Pink Saturday

A Door Closes A Door Opens

I like "old" Doors
I always wonder
What stories could they tell. . .
Alexander Graham Bell once said,
"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing
That we see too late the one that is open."
I have done that way too often. . .
I have lamented over a closed door and
Not seen the door that has opened.
If we open the Doors of our Heart and Mind. . .
We can see the many Doors that God
Has opened for us. . .

What doors have you opened?
Or have you sadly closed a door?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cute Houses

Well since I am in the process of
Buying a House
I notice Houses a lot more than I did before. . 
Here are some I have found on the
Internet that I really like. . 
See if you can recognize a couple of "famous" ones.
This house is an American Icon. . What a genius!
 I love the bungalow style house.
These are extremely popular even today. . 
Now, do you recognize this row of houses?
I adore these houses
Talk about beauty of a house
I will be showing you some of the beautiful
House where I live next time. . 
Come back for sure. . . .K

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buying a House

Oh My Goodness!
Buying a House is stressful. . !
It wasn't this way when my husband and I
Bought our house
In fact we bought 3 different houses
Over the course of our marriage.
(Maybe it was because I had him to help make decisions)
Well, times have changed. . 
There are so many hoops to jump through!
I am so stressed!
 I wonder. . . Do little birds get stressed over
Finding just the right nest?
Do we humans make "things" more complicated?
Has it always been stressful to secure a house?
I think it has always been stressful to secure a house!
I remember my Dad telling me that in 1954
When he and my Mother bought their first house
Their payments were going to be $74.00
Ya, you read that right $74.00!
And it was a worry for them wondering if they could
Make those payments. . . .

I had better stop my complaining
Just trust in the Lord
That all will go according to His plan for me. . 
I will jump through all the hoops and
Hopefully my dream will come true
I will own my own House
And I will make it 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adorable Peace Chair

This chair is so cute!
My daughter-in-law, Shelly
is so talented. .
She found this old "school" chair
At the thrifty store DI
She painted it and upholstered the seat and back
With cute "Peace Sign" fabric.

My granddaughter, Sara, loves it. .
I think it is adorable!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

God Bless The Mother's

Happy Mother's Day!
To all the Mom's who love and cherish
Their children,
To all the children who love and cherish
Their Mom's
God Bless You

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Give Yourself Flowers

With your head held high
And your eyes wide open
Plant your own garden

And decorate your own soul. . .

You can endure,
You really are strong,
You are of infinite worth. .
So give yourself Flowers!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Vignette

I did a spring vignette a few days ago,
I thought I would share it now.

There won't be many vignettes
For the next few weeks,
I am starting to pack - - -
I am Getting ready for my move
To my own little house.

Of course when I get in my house
I will be able to show
You the decorating journey I will be on
I am so excited!
In the mean time I will show bits and pieces
Of things I am doing.
(Notice the picture?)
Well, it is a sweet picture of my Great-Grandparents.
I grew up next door to them.
And I spent lots of time at their house.
One of the reasons I want a "house" is so
I can have a lot of family gatherings.
Be sure to come back for more.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

May Days

Don't you just love 
Oh, I do! 
I remember as a child we always
Had a May Day
The girls and boys dressed in their best and
We danced braiding the 
May Pole
I love the blue sky 
And the dark sky of the night. . 
Emerson said,
"Each season has it's own beauty"

 Maybe the spring is so beautiful
Because I am ready to see the earth come from her
Splendor of Winter
To the glorious awakening of 
There are miles and miles of Mother Earth
Showing her wondrous power of Creating.
Ah, wherever the road may lead there is
Beauty all around.
Thank you God for creating this beautiful
Earth and May Days. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things Always Work Out

Things Always Work Out
This is the house. . . My house

I put an offer in for this house and they accepted.
Just a few things to work out.
Finding my own little home has been my goal
For a very long time. 
There were times I thought I would never own my own house again
But miracle happen.
I know that things always work out the way they are suppose too
When you put your trust in the Lord.
This isn't the "condo", I originally thought I would buy. .
I had second thoughts about it.
And I have been taught that when you are unsettled about
A decision you made, you should re-think it and take
Your new plan to the Lord. .
I did!
And this is where I have been guided to.
I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.
Just wait til I show you the inside!
Oh my gosh! It is beautiful. . .
Be sure to come back.