Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buying a House

Oh My Goodness!
Buying a House is stressful. . !
It wasn't this way when my husband and I
Bought our house
In fact we bought 3 different houses
Over the course of our marriage.
(Maybe it was because I had him to help make decisions)
Well, times have changed. . 
There are so many hoops to jump through!
I am so stressed!
 I wonder. . . Do little birds get stressed over
Finding just the right nest?
Do we humans make "things" more complicated?
Has it always been stressful to secure a house?
I think it has always been stressful to secure a house!
I remember my Dad telling me that in 1954
When he and my Mother bought their first house
Their payments were going to be $74.00
Ya, you read that right $74.00!
And it was a worry for them wondering if they could
Make those payments. . . .

I had better stop my complaining
Just trust in the Lord
That all will go according to His plan for me. . 
I will jump through all the hoops and
Hopefully my dream will come true
I will own my own House
And I will make it 


  1. Good luck my dear! I cant wait to see your nest! :) And dont we wish those prices came back? :P


  2. Having to go through the process of buying a house can really be nerve-wracking. What more, if you have to handle the tensions alone. I suggest you have a friend or someone you trust, or a real estate agent, whom you can consult with your plans and dilemmas. That person will serve as your outlet. You’ll notice your load suddenly beginning to become more bearable. You’ll find the perfect house soon.

    Clinton Larocque

  3. Buying a house is a stressful task, especially with regards to choosing a good location, sketching, buying materials and hiring laborers. It is really essential to have sufficient funds if you intend to establish your family home, but once you’ve found the perfect home, all your efforts would’ve been worth it.

    Randy Robinson

  4. “When he and my Mother bought their first house, their payments were going to be $74.00”- Woaaah, that’s really way, way back before. Haha! With the average price of a house today, you can say that the prices of these properties have increased up to ten times more, right? Many people find it difficult to purchase a house these days. Good thing that there are ways to finance a house of your own, like getting a loan. With this, you still have the chance to buy your dream home.

    Selena Manchester

  5. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to purchase a house if you really prepared yourself for it. I mean, when you say prepared, you already know the ideal house that you want to own, and most importantly, you are financially ready for the house you wish to have.

    Carmen Monrovia


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