Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beautiful Gifts of Nature

I have been watching a sweet little Mommy bird
A red breasted Robin. . 
I watched her as she built her nest
I knew there was little baby eggs in that nest. . .
I watched and I waited.
Being very careful and respectful of the sweet little Mommy
Then with great delight I knew I could see a tiny little beak!
Little Mommy didn't want me that close to her babies. . 
So I gently moved away and patiently waited. . 
Well, this evening I could see the little darlings. . 
Oh, My Gosh! It was breathless to see the sweet little things.
 Oh, yes! There are two of them.
Can you see them?
I am not a photographer, I am NOT a nature photographer.
I have a simple little camera. . 
But, I am  thrilled to get these pictures.
Little Mommy, must be away getting food.
Oh, how I have enjoyed watching and patiently waiting for
The arrival of these sweet little Robins. . 
It  is a Beautiful Gift of Nature.
Thank you little Mommy Robin for letting me see the miracle!

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  1. The birds are beautiful! Oh how sweet of you to show us! :)



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