Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Finds From Flea-O-Logy

Flea-O-Logy Overwhelmed Me!
I wasn't prepared for all the "stuff" I would find.
And I am moving in a couple of weeks, therefore,
I didn't buy many things.
Next time I will be more prepared and have a plan in place.
HaHaHa! Me with a plan?
Some of the things I bought were only useful to me. . .
A brown Vaseline jar. . .Really?
Who would get all excited over an old brown glass jar?
I think it will be cute in all sorts of vignettes, and
 I think it is. . . Unique and Cute.
When is the last time you saw a brown glass Vaseline jar?
 I also like this old wooden box
Right now it is on my patio with this succulent plant. . 
I can think of all kinds of uses for it.
 I fell in love with these old silver spoons.
I wish I would have bought more. . 
Are they sugar spoons?
 Love the handle on this one.
I thought it was a "toodler"spoon, but the lady
Selling them said she thought they were sugar spoons.
 The little glass "thingy" above. . .what do you think that is?
Well, it is very rare. . and no it is not a electrical insulator.
Electrical are aqua or white.
I will let you guess on this one.
It is the prettiest navy blue. . and like I said rare.
 This beautiful vintage table-cloth really caught my eye.
It is gorgeous. . I can't wait to use it on my dining room table.
 I love those old "50's" table-cloths,
They remind me of my Grandma, and my Mom and my Aunts.
Oh, and here is my Mighty Lion!
You know I have a thing for Lion's
It is the symbol of my family.
I can never pass up a Lion.
When I washed him, some of his paint came off,
So I have to touch him up.
He is  Leo The Lion!
Well, there you have it. . .
My little treasures from Flea-O-Logy.
I will show you where their new homes will be in my
New little Condo. . 
Is a condo called a house? 
Well that is what I am going to call it.
My House!
I will be posting about it later.
This week and next week are the big boxing and painting days.
Talk about Overwhelmed.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, I finally made it to the
FLEA-O-LOGY puts on
In my sweet little Payson. . .
Yes, it was every bit what I had hoped it would be
 I am afraid I have "really" become
An Ole Junker
There was some really neat "junk" there. . 
Like they say. . .
"One mans junk is a another mans treasure".
And that is what I could see
Lots and lots of 
Enjoy the pictures Lots of them. .
 My cousin, Claudia and my 82 year old Auntie Colleen
Were my partners that hot, hot day
 Lots of vintage bottles, and all kinds of old things
 Kathy is one of the
Fleaologists. . 
Oh, she finds all kinds of goodies.
And a very sweet person too!
There really was some beautiful things. . Lots of Vintage.
 I loved this little booth. . .so vintage.
Look at the beautiful crocheted ladies gloves.
We decided we need to wear beautiful dainty gloves again.
 Well, I fell in love with this RED retro telephone. . .
No, I didn't buy it. I wish I had though.
 There was so much stuff. . .I was overwhelmed. . 
I didn't know what I wanted, nor where to start.
 Now there are lots of things I wish I had bought.
Just look at the doors and windows.  Oh, My!
 As we were leaving, I saw this cute old pink bassinet
I had to have a picture of it. . .
Another post I will show you what I bought. . 
Now, I wish I would have bought some other things. . 
But, I was overwhelmed.
I hope to go to another
I will be better prepared for the next experience.
I will have a plan.
I think the next one in Payson
Is Labor Day weekend, September 1


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cloche for Summer

Oh, silly me!
Was last week.
Nope! It is today!
So you are seeing a few picture I posted last week. . .
I just had to join the party.
This is a wire one I bought in the spring. . 
I am trying to acquire a few cloche's
Mine are nothing compared to Marty's. . 
She is the one who introduced me to them
This is a homemade one. . 
I made the stand out of various "things"
And the cloche is a "cheese dome".
One of these days I am going to have one of the
Pretty glass tall cloche's. . 
Be sure to stroll over to Marty's Summer Cloche Party
There are all kinds of cloche's. . 

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Faux Pink

Don't you just love Faux Pink Flowers?
Oh they are real live flowers, just Faux colors.
(I like the word "faux" better than "fake".)
You see them at the grocery stores all the time,
Flowers in all sorts of Faux colors
Today I needed some color. . ..SO. .
I bought a bouquet of flowers. . for myself.
Now that is PINK!
Faux Pink or not those flowers are alive!
 This bouquet of flowers makes me
Feel Alive
Happy and Smiling!

How about you, do you buy Faux color flowers 
At the Grocery store?
Take a look at all the beautiful Pink.

Old Milk Crate

My SIL (son-in-law)
Bought me this little beauty
Oh, how I have wanted one of these. . 
Old Milk Crate. . 
Well, now I have one. . .
It is in pretty good condition too.
I am so thrilled with it. . .
I am trying to decide if I want to stain the wood
Maybe a dark walnut. . .hmmmm!
What do you think?

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Wire Cloche' And A Few Changes

My friend Marty over at
I having a Summer Cloche Party
I don't have a lot of cloche's 
But I found this cute wire one
A few months ago and just had to have it.
 I place it in all sorts of places
It is so fun to decorate with.
This time I thought it would look cute on top of
The television cabinet.
It has a butterfly inside. . .I thought it look good with the
Embroidered picture I found at DI
So there you have my
Summer Cloche'
Nothing fancy, just simple and pleasing to look at.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keep On Trying

If you follow me you know I have
Been trying to get my own home.
Several attempts and they all failed for various reasons.
Well, I just keep trying and trying.
I am hoping and praying this is IT!
I will be moving on the 15th of August
 It is a cute little condo. . .
 It is only a block from where I now live
I have been watching, and watching hoping something would
Come available there. . .
 This is the view I will have. . .
 Lots of wide open space
 A small little yard. .  perfect for me and Zoey
I am pretty certain this will go through
I will be signing the papers this coming week.
I just want a place I can call HOME
(I will show picture of the inside when I am in)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, as I swelter in the heat of Summer
I dare not to complain
Because Summer will be over before I know it
And I will complain about it being cold.
But, in the mean time it is a hot one
In the triple digits where I live.
It was 102 today!
The heat drains me of my energy. . .
(Well, I will blame it on the heat)
I have been busy, but not with anything worthy to blog about
Unless you want to hear about me cleaning my craft room. . .
Oh, I will have pictures, when I am finished. . .it may take awhile.
I just don't have enough room. . .and I am not willing to let things go.
And NO I am not a hoarder!
I just like stuff!
And speaking of "stuff"
I am going to my Homeland this weekend
A fabulous group called "Flea-o-logy"
Are having a flea market.
I went a couple of years ago and I found some real cool things.
I am so excited to go this year.
I love old crocheted pot-holders
 Love, love these red and white ones I found
 I collect salt and pepper shakers (also). .
 Found these cute ones at Flea-O-Logy
 They all look so cute in my kitchen. . .
So this Saturday, June 14, 2012 
In Payson, Utah
I am going to find more cute "stuff"
If you visit my friend Cathy's blog she can tell you more.
Cathy is a "second hand" gal. . . 
Lots of good "stuff".
See you there. . .

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well hello JULY
Oh, how I look forward to you!
JULY has two of my favorite holidays.
(yes, I said two.  I will tell you the second one later)
It just so happens JULY 4th is a favorite holiday!
I am Proud to Be an American!
I love the celebration of this great land.
To me there is nothing like 
Small Town Celebrations,
With Family and Friends joining together to celebrate
 Of course my Home is decorated for the celebration
And Yes,
 God Bless America

I will be linking to these great blogs.
Be sure to visit.
A Stroll Thru Life/Table Top Tuesday
 The House In The Roses