Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, as I swelter in the heat of Summer
I dare not to complain
Because Summer will be over before I know it
And I will complain about it being cold.
But, in the mean time it is a hot one
In the triple digits where I live.
It was 102 today!
The heat drains me of my energy. . .
(Well, I will blame it on the heat)
I have been busy, but not with anything worthy to blog about
Unless you want to hear about me cleaning my craft room. . .
Oh, I will have pictures, when I am finished. . .it may take awhile.
I just don't have enough room. . .and I am not willing to let things go.
And NO I am not a hoarder!
I just like stuff!
And speaking of "stuff"
I am going to my Homeland this weekend
A fabulous group called "Flea-o-logy"
Are having a flea market.
I went a couple of years ago and I found some real cool things.
I am so excited to go this year.
I love old crocheted pot-holders
 Love, love these red and white ones I found
 I collect salt and pepper shakers (also). .
 Found these cute ones at Flea-O-Logy
 They all look so cute in my kitchen. . .
So this Saturday, June 14, 2012 
In Payson, Utah
I am going to find more cute "stuff"
If you visit my friend Cathy's blog she can tell you more.
Cathy is a "second hand" gal. . . 
Lots of good "stuff".
See you there. . .


  1. Love it and you are going to be included in our drawing three times!! Can't wait either!! :-)

  2. This sounds so sweet! I love all the wonderful goodies you found! :D


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I thought I'd come in and have a look at yours and discovered that you are a Fleaology gal too. Paula, Cathie and Jenn are good friends of mine! I might see you there this weekend!


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