Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, I finally made it to the
FLEA-O-LOGY puts on
In my sweet little Payson. . .
Yes, it was every bit what I had hoped it would be
 I am afraid I have "really" become
An Ole Junker
There was some really neat "junk" there. . 
Like they say. . .
"One mans junk is a another mans treasure".
And that is what I could see
Lots and lots of 
Enjoy the pictures Lots of them. .
 My cousin, Claudia and my 82 year old Auntie Colleen
Were my partners that hot, hot day
 Lots of vintage bottles, and all kinds of old things
 Kathy is one of the
Fleaologists. . 
Oh, she finds all kinds of goodies.
And a very sweet person too!
There really was some beautiful things. . Lots of Vintage.
 I loved this little booth. . .so vintage.
Look at the beautiful crocheted ladies gloves.
We decided we need to wear beautiful dainty gloves again.
 Well, I fell in love with this RED retro telephone. . .
No, I didn't buy it. I wish I had though.
 There was so much stuff. . .I was overwhelmed. . 
I didn't know what I wanted, nor where to start.
 Now there are lots of things I wish I had bought.
Just look at the doors and windows.  Oh, My!
 As we were leaving, I saw this cute old pink bassinet
I had to have a picture of it. . .
Another post I will show you what I bought. . 
Now, I wish I would have bought some other things. . 
But, I was overwhelmed.
I hope to go to another
I will be better prepared for the next experience.
I will have a plan.
I think the next one in Payson
Is Labor Day weekend, September 1



  1. I LOVE the gloves too! How absolutely cute!! You gals had so much fun, anyone can tell! :)


  2. Beautiful! I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following...
    So nice to meet you!

  3. Flea-o-logy - I love that!! I am going to have to use that somewhere! I wish I was with you guys that day! I bet we could get into some serious trouble! A belated Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  4. Mom old me about Flea-o-logy when they were here! I can't wait to check them out the next time I go home!!!
    Love ya!


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