Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keep On Trying

If you follow me you know I have
Been trying to get my own home.
Several attempts and they all failed for various reasons.
Well, I just keep trying and trying.
I am hoping and praying this is IT!
I will be moving on the 15th of August
 It is a cute little condo. . .
 It is only a block from where I now live
I have been watching, and watching hoping something would
Come available there. . .
 This is the view I will have. . .
 Lots of wide open space
 A small little yard. .  perfect for me and Zoey
I am pretty certain this will go through
I will be signing the papers this coming week.
I just want a place I can call HOME
(I will show picture of the inside when I am in)

1 comment:

  1. Oh I love your dear house! :) You will make it a home in no time, Im sure and with that view? WOW! :)



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