Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Finds From Flea-O-Logy

Flea-O-Logy Overwhelmed Me!
I wasn't prepared for all the "stuff" I would find.
And I am moving in a couple of weeks, therefore,
I didn't buy many things.
Next time I will be more prepared and have a plan in place.
HaHaHa! Me with a plan?
Some of the things I bought were only useful to me. . .
A brown Vaseline jar. . .Really?
Who would get all excited over an old brown glass jar?
I think it will be cute in all sorts of vignettes, and
 I think it is. . . Unique and Cute.
When is the last time you saw a brown glass Vaseline jar?
 I also like this old wooden box
Right now it is on my patio with this succulent plant. . 
I can think of all kinds of uses for it.
 I fell in love with these old silver spoons.
I wish I would have bought more. . 
Are they sugar spoons?
 Love the handle on this one.
I thought it was a "toodler"spoon, but the lady
Selling them said she thought they were sugar spoons.
 The little glass "thingy" above. . .what do you think that is?
Well, it is very rare. . and no it is not a electrical insulator.
Electrical are aqua or white.
I will let you guess on this one.
It is the prettiest navy blue. . and like I said rare.
 This beautiful vintage table-cloth really caught my eye.
It is gorgeous. . I can't wait to use it on my dining room table.
 I love those old "50's" table-cloths,
They remind me of my Grandma, and my Mom and my Aunts.
Oh, and here is my Mighty Lion!
You know I have a thing for Lion's
It is the symbol of my family.
I can never pass up a Lion.
When I washed him, some of his paint came off,
So I have to touch him up.
He is  Leo The Lion!
Well, there you have it. . .
My little treasures from Flea-O-Logy.
I will show you where their new homes will be in my
New little Condo. . 
Is a condo called a house? 
Well that is what I am going to call it.
My House!
I will be posting about it later.
This week and next week are the big boxing and painting days.
Talk about Overwhelmed.



  1. LOVE your finds!!! Im in love with the spoons, the curved one is fantastic! I have no idea what that blue thing is though! So interesting! :)


  2. Hi Karie,
    I love everything you found. I think the spoons with the wrapped handle are baby spoons, I have one that was mine as a baby and it looks the same the smaller ones with the straight handle are sugar spoons for tea.
    Also I love love the table cloth the pattern is so pretty. Not sure what the small round glass thing is. Does it have holes on the top of it? maybe its for baking pies.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  3. You know that I would get excited about a brown glass vaseline jar! Love your little spoons! I'll be over to help you paint soon!! Hugs.

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    I love coming over to see your post... I also love the brown glass vaseline jar ! sweet... Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape, hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane


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