Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Problems With Internet

Well, I thought all was well,
Thought I had my computer up and running.
For some reason I am not getting internet connection.
I love the modern age of technology
But, I get so frustrated when things don't work
Like my Computer!
So hang on don't leave me. . .
I will be back with new posts after I or We
Figure out what is going on with
The Internet and my Computer!!
Hope you are having a better day than I am. . .
Hugs, K

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Western Desert of Utah

I told you earlier I made a long trip to
The Western Desert of Utah
In a far away place, where time almost stands still.
Ibapah, Utah
Well, I found this little speck of a place to be very interesting.
It has a history that reads like any other little
Settlement of the West.
A wonderful family of many generations have
Preserved the History of this little place.
 Within the small square footage of this little log cabin
 A story is told of the American West
 The History preserved by a man who many generations ago
Came here from the far eastern United States.
 He farmed and ranched this dry desolate place.
 And left his mark upon the land he called Home
 He settled here in the mid 1800's
 A place known only to the Native Americans.
 He raised a family and now his great-great grandson is the care taker
 Of this little valley called
 The ground is hard, and little rain falls. .
 The summers are hot and the winters are cold
 Somehow the land is forgiving and allows for crops to grow.
 Most of all a delightful family has grown in the wild 
Western Desert of Utah
 No matter where you go there is a story. . .
An amazing story of survival. . .
Man, Woman and Child surviving the wonders of this 
Beautiful Earth we call Home. . .

Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy BUT Not Accomplishing A Lot

Oh, yes I am busy as can be
But I am not accomplishing a darn thing. . 
Just busy, busy!
Family always comes first in my life
And a family reunion was on the agenda for this
Past weekend. . 
My children and all the Jackson Cousins.
It was a great time. . .
 School begins tomorrow, August 21, 2012
And there is lots of work that needs to be done.
Transportation of our little darlings is a top priority. . 
Bus routes, times, and drivers. . Oh, my!
 And my poor little house is suffering. . 
I just don't have the time to do all that needs to be done.
 I did make it to JoAnn's and picked out fabric to make
Kitchen Curtains. . .
I am so excited. . . I hope by the weekend I have this fabric
Made into cute curtains for my kitchen. . 
If time could only stand still, so I can
Accomplish the things I want.
Check back and see. . . 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Long Trip Delivering School Buses

I know very few people have heard of these
Tiny little Western Towns. . 
They truly sit in the middle of "Nowhere"
But it is "Somewhere" to a few
Sweet wonderful families.
Wendover and Ibapah, sit on the Utah side of the 
Nevada/Utah border
And let me tell you that is 
It is the edge part of the 
Great Salt Lake Desert!
There are children that live there.. . .and children need to
Be Educated.
Tooele County School District has the privilege of
Providing that education and transporting them to the school.
 We started out with 6 school buses going to
Wendover and Ibapah Utah
Oh, by the way. . I am NOT a school bus driver
I am the Transportation Secretary.
I was the relief driver to bring the bus drivers back home.
Yes, this is Tooele County School District
Our district covers a Huge area.  
All the way to the Nevada boarder. . 
Lots of lonely miles between destinations.
 The picture below is part of the Great Salt Lake Salt Flats
You may have heard of the Salt Flats. . 
They race cars on these flats
The day we were there they (drivers) were trying to
Break the sound barrier. . .
 Some "artistic" person decided there needed to be a 
Tree. . A Tree Grows in "Nowhere"!
First 4 buses went to Wendover. . 
If you want to know more about Wendover, Utah
Check out Google and Google Map
Very interesting place.
More lonely miles. . 
 And we were at the little school of Ibapah, Utah
One last bus was left there
Only 5 buses made the trip. . 
One had to go back to the Bus Garage.
Only the safest and most dependable can be in this remote place.

I have such a deep appreciation for 
School Buses, and their Drivers.
All over the United States
School age children are transported to schools.
There are many remote parts of the country that these buses
Must travel to bring the precious cargo safely to school
Education of a child not only involves. . Teachers, 
School books, Buildings, and a variety of other essentials.
It also involves Transportation. . . 
The Little Yellow School Bus
And its dedicated Drivers. . .
Have a tremendous responsibility.
Come back and I will show you what I found in Ibapah!
Ah, you will be interested!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Things That Make My Home

Just a little peek at my new little home. . 
So much to do, so little time.
Working full-time doesn't allow the time I want
To get things done NOW!
Especially this time of year, when school is starting
(I work in education)
So here is a peek. . 
Lighting isn't the best. . . Something I am not good at.
 My curio with all my beautiful delicate treasures
Things that have been passed from generation to generation.
 One of the good things about a move is decorating. . 
And bringing out the things that are "mine", 
The things that have always been with me
And the things that makes my home, MINE.
 The perfect place for my "willows"
The shelf that my great-Uncle made for my
Great Grandma and Grandpa. . .
Oh, how I love this shelf.
 The little table I bought at an estate sale of someone I knew.
 The perfect place for a vignette with pictures of 
Me and My Dad and Step-Mother.
And Me and My Aunt Carol.
 The little figurines I have had since I was first married.
These are a few of the things that aren't really things to me
They are treasures and bring memories.
Now me and my things have a new beginning
A new place to decorate and make beautiful.
My way!
Come back again. . . I have a story of an interesting
Adventure and what I found.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Short UpDate

I know I promised I would be showing you my new
Little Home. . 
I am not ready. . .You see I want it to look
Just right for you.
So give me a few more days ok?
If you follow me you will remember a post I did
About my adventure to Flea-O-Logy
I found this
I ask if you knew what it was. . No one guessed it
I guess I am the nerdy, lover of glass. . 
It is a Telegraph Insulter!
I know, I know there are very few people that would get all
Excited over a beautiful blue Telegraph Insulter.
Well, I did
They are very rare. . .Goodness telegraph wires don't even exist anymore
I have several aqua electrical insulators. . 
But, I just had to have this little "fined"
Please come back, I want to see my home.
Hugs,  K

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Moved!

I am finally in my new place!
Yes, I moved.
Cute little condo. . .oh how happy I am
My internet will be hooked up on Monday
I will post then and tell you all about my new Home
Can't wait to show you pictures. . .
Be sure to come back Monday August 13
See you then. . .