Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Short UpDate

I know I promised I would be showing you my new
Little Home. . 
I am not ready. . .You see I want it to look
Just right for you.
So give me a few more days ok?
If you follow me you will remember a post I did
About my adventure to Flea-O-Logy
I found this
I ask if you knew what it was. . No one guessed it
I guess I am the nerdy, lover of glass. . 
It is a Telegraph Insulter!
I know, I know there are very few people that would get all
Excited over a beautiful blue Telegraph Insulter.
Well, I did
They are very rare. . .Goodness telegraph wires don't even exist anymore
I have several aqua electrical insulators. . 
But, I just had to have this little "fined"
Please come back, I want to see my home.
Hugs,  K

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I lve having cool rarities that no one else does! :) Good on ya! And Ill be back to see your little nest soon! :)



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