Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Great Western Desert of Utah

I told you earlier I made a long trip to
The Western Desert of Utah
In a far away place, where time almost stands still.
Ibapah, Utah
Well, I found this little speck of a place to be very interesting.
It has a history that reads like any other little
Settlement of the West.
A wonderful family of many generations have
Preserved the History of this little place.
 Within the small square footage of this little log cabin
 A story is told of the American West
 The History preserved by a man who many generations ago
Came here from the far eastern United States.
 He farmed and ranched this dry desolate place.
 And left his mark upon the land he called Home
 He settled here in the mid 1800's
 A place known only to the Native Americans.
 He raised a family and now his great-great grandson is the care taker
 Of this little valley called
 The ground is hard, and little rain falls. .
 The summers are hot and the winters are cold
 Somehow the land is forgiving and allows for crops to grow.
 Most of all a delightful family has grown in the wild 
Western Desert of Utah
 No matter where you go there is a story. . .
An amazing story of survival. . .
Man, Woman and Child surviving the wonders of this 
Beautiful Earth we call Home. . .


  1. Would you look at all the goodies?! :D These are brilliant! I think you are so lucky girl! :)


  2. Hi Karie! Its Kyli from Fleaology. Love this post! I have to go shopping there! Is there a phone number for this little cabin? I need to know what hours it is open. Could you email me any info you have? Thanks! So sorry to read about your little yorkie. It is never easy losing a member of the family.


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