Thursday, September 27, 2012

A New Camera

Well, I am one happy gal today. . 
I received my new camera in the mail
Canon Rebel
 With all the bells and whistles!
Now mind you I am not a photographer
 I want to take nice photos not only for my blog
But, for Me to enjoy.
I have always loved taking pictures. . .
By no means do I know what I am doing.
Just following tips I have received along the way.
I am hope this beautiful Canon camera
Will help improve my photo taking.
I have no idea how to use it.
 But I will soon learn.
Oh, My Gosh! I am so excited.
Tomorrow I will be taking pictures
With my very own new Canon.
Check back later. . .. I hope you can tell the difference
In my photos.
Hugs,  K

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love of Crocheting

Oh how I love to crochet!
I am always working on a project.
I have shown you many of my
Crochet projects.
From my delicate doilies
 To the hundreds of flowers (literally)
And crocheted blossom pillows
 Not to forget the many little goody baskets I have made.
 I have made so many afghans I have lost count.
 I started this one over a year ago.
But I just now finished it. . . 
Why did it take me so long. . .?
Hmm! I made a big mistake.
I had to unravel an almost complete afghan!
 Now, believe me my projects are not perfect.
But, this mistake was one I couldn't live with.
So I started over. . .
 In the end I completed a beautiful snuggley afghan
Just in time for the Cool evenings of Fall
And soon to be Cold evenings of Winter
 I am happy with my beautiful afghan.
And I am sooooooo, grateful I know how to crochet.
Many, many years ago my Grandma Dot
"Tried" to teach me how to crochet.
It wasn't until many years later that I
Seriously picked up the "hook" and became 
"Hooked" on crocheting.
It relaxes me.
I thank God everyday for the talents He has
Blessed me with.
Not only do they bless my life
But they bless others.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Felted Button: ::Mandala Crochet

You will want to see this!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bottles Continued

Well, in the previous post
I told you about mine and Sue's 
Trip to the
Antique Bottle Show in Salt Lake City
Now, I want to show you what I purchased at the show.
Remember, I am NOT a bottle collector!
I just like the colors and shapes
And I wonder about their story.
First of all
 I love glass "insulators"
 These are electrical insulators.
They were once pirched high upon 
Electrical, telephone, telegraph lines. . .
This is a beehive insulator. . .It looks like a beehive.
Well, if you live in Utah (the Beehive State) 
One must have a beehive insulator.  
Cool. . .I think so anyway.
 I learned so much from the bottle show.
I now know why some are aqua, some are violet
And some are brown.
 These bottles were all buried deep within the ground
In Salt Lake City at an old old landfill. . 
The soil also plays a part in their color.
This is an old whisky bottle.
It has one side that is concave.
That is so the bottle could fit in the
Back pocket of a mans trousers.
 These are my brown bottles. . 
For some reason, I am in love with 
Brown Bottles.
The three small ones are old Vaseline bottles.
 This bottle says "Witches Oil"
What on this earth is that?
And what was Witch Oil used for?
Sue has one that says, "Embalming" on it!
 The little Vaseline bottles looked like this in
The early 1900's.
I just love them, I also have some blue Vick's bottles.
I love these old bottles.  
There is history within their imperfect shape, and colors.
Long hidden within the glass is a story.
I guess that is the way with life.
Hidden within the imperfections, is a history and a story.
That is why I love "old" things."
How about you? Do you love the "old".

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bottle Show

Not a great title for a post. .
Actually sounds b-o-r-i-n-g!
Unless you are
Karie and Sue!
Now mind you we are not 
Bottle Collectors
We simply went so we could find 
Cool Colors and Shapes in bottles
We had a blast!
 We don't care if they are worth a lot of money!
Heck we just wanted some cool looking bottles
OMGosh! Did we ever have fun.
 Look at those insulators. . .
Why, I didn't know they come in so many colors.
I wanted one of each. . .
But, I picked out my favorites
 The place was pretty quiet and subdued. . 
A lot of serious bottle collectors
 But, that changed
In walks Karie and Sue.
 We were laughing and high fiveing each other
We got such a kick out of some of the sayings on the bottles.
 A lady walked over to where we were and said,
"You guys are having way too much fun"
We laughed and said, "Ya we are!"
I said, "We aren't even bottle collectors,
And we are loving these bottles,"

 She laughed and said, "Well, you are now"
I am afraid she is right. . 
We learned so much about "old bottles"
A sweet gentleman collector taught us about what to look for.
Heck, we just like the shapes, and the colors
And the names on the bottles.
He got such a kick out of us, he was giving us bottles.

You have no idea what it is like when me and 
My friend Sue, go on junking trips.. . 
Diet Coke in hand and of course 
Cookies, or do-nuts. . 
And a lot of laughs and FUN!
Hey, thanks Sue for the beautiful pictures
You can catch Sue at 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful September

Oh, don't you just love September?
I do!
The days have cooled down, the nights are a delight.
And the colors of nature are gorgeous.
I think the show Mother Nature puts on
In September is more
Glorious than Her Spring Show. . 
And of course my decorating
Tries to keep up with Mother Nature.
Here is a little look at some of
My vignettes, and a few other things.
Oh the beauty of Sunflowers!
Even if they are faux

 My counter top vignette includes my
"Gleaner" picture.
It belonged to my dear Aunt
And I cherish it.
 Do you see the cute little brown bottle?
It is an old brown Vaseline bottle. . 
I found it "somewhere".
A few fall leaves on the wall.
Complementing my 
Salt and Pepper Shaker collection
I will show you the collection in a 
Future post.
I am having so much fun decorating 
My new little home.
I hope you are enjoying the tour
I am giving.
Please come back and see what is next
Hugs to you, K
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Colors

Hello Everyone. . .Glad to have you here.
I have a few things to show you.

I just spent a beautiful weekend.
Enjoying the Fall colors
Both in the close by mountains.
And in my home.
 Changed the colors in my dining area.
I am finally getting things done with my decorating
In my new home. .
Oh, how I love the fall colors.
After seeing the gorgeous mountains
I come home and started decorating.
 Even the old wire basket that holds a few of my bottles
Got a bit of fall-ish color.
What is a fall vignette without pumpkins?                                                   
Well, there you have a "tiny" peek of my kitchen 
And the fall colors I have added.
I finished a project this weekend. . 
I am anxious to show it to you. . 
Please do come back
Hugs,  K

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Flea-O-Logy Find

Hello my Friends. . .
Last week-end. . I went to my little Hometown
It was the Labor Day Celebration as we call it.
Flea-O-Logy was having their big Sale. . 
But, things were just not good that day. . 
Mother Nature whipped up a good late Summer Storm
Lightening and Thunder, and a huge down-pour of rain.
Now, I am not complaining. . It has been one hot and dry summer
Just terrible.  I just kind of wish the timing would have been different.
Any who. . .I did find a treasure at 
I have searched and searched for a bench like this. . 
I think they were popular in the 50's, 60's and maybe even
As late as the early 70"
It is maple wood, with that classical 
"Early American" style.
Which I LOVE!
It is painted white, and is in pretty good shape.
But I need to glue some of the joints
And I will re-paint it.
I love the style so much. . and I have searched and searched for one
I will show you later where I plan to put it. .
And how it looks after I am finished with it.
I was lucky it fit in the back seat of my car
Right after I bought this 
I received the call
That my little pet, Zoey, had passed away.
It was a "bummer" weekend!

Hugs, K

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shopping Therapy

Hello my dear friends,
First of all thank you for your sweet
Messages of love to me for the
Passing of my sweet little pet
I have felt the love and sympathy.
If you have never had a pet that you loved so
Very tenderly, then you have no idea how my heartaches.
I have a cute little saying
"There's nothing that can't be solved
When shopping is involved!"
So me and My sweet daughter-in-law headed for the
City of Salt Lake City, and did some shopping.
Here is a few things I bought. . 
(I shop to try and fill the gaps in my heart)
 Is this not the cutest pillow?
I have wanted one of the "french wordy" pillows
 There are still things made in the USA!
Oregon, as a matter of fact. . .
I think I bought it in part for the fact it was made here!
 Love it with my Ampersand pillow, that I made.
 It is getting that time of year to start changing out the decor
To the pretty vibrant colors of Autumn
 I found lots of fall stems, and flowers, and this cute
Chicken wire basket. . .Love it!
 I also bought some fall colored dish towels to put in the kitchen.
Ooh! I just love the colors.
 Found some cute note-cards and to-do list.
Yes, I still send cards. . .! by mail. .
Also, some new fresh white wash cloths. . These are a favorite.
Well, it was a fun day. . 
Everything was on sale. . so that is always a good thing.
Now I can pull out the other Autumn decor and begin
To change things. . .Just like Mother Nature. . 
I will change the colors in my home.
What did you do this Labor Day?
Hope you had a safe happy day.
Hugs,  K

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tribute to My Little Zoey

My sweet little furry friend
Passed away on Saturday, September 1, 2011
To say the least I am heartbroken. . 
She was my friend, my little companion
I loved her dearly
Truly a member of my family.
We are all mourning her loss
But especially me!
I will miss her so much.
She was a beautiful little Yorkie
With a sweet personality.
She loved me unconditionally and I loved her.
Just as with all God's Creations
Zoey continues on. . and I know that someday
I will be with her again.
Good-bye my little friend. . 
Until we meet again!
Zoey Jackson