Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bottle Show

Not a great title for a post. .
Actually sounds b-o-r-i-n-g!
Unless you are
Karie and Sue!
Now mind you we are not 
Bottle Collectors
We simply went so we could find 
Cool Colors and Shapes in bottles
We had a blast!
 We don't care if they are worth a lot of money!
Heck we just wanted some cool looking bottles
OMGosh! Did we ever have fun.
 Look at those insulators. . .
Why, I didn't know they come in so many colors.
I wanted one of each. . .
But, I picked out my favorites
 The place was pretty quiet and subdued. . 
A lot of serious bottle collectors
 But, that changed
In walks Karie and Sue.
 We were laughing and high fiveing each other
We got such a kick out of some of the sayings on the bottles.
 A lady walked over to where we were and said,
"You guys are having way too much fun"
We laughed and said, "Ya we are!"
I said, "We aren't even bottle collectors,
And we are loving these bottles,"

 She laughed and said, "Well, you are now"
I am afraid she is right. . 
We learned so much about "old bottles"
A sweet gentleman collector taught us about what to look for.
Heck, we just like the shapes, and the colors
And the names on the bottles.
He got such a kick out of us, he was giving us bottles.

You have no idea what it is like when me and 
My friend Sue, go on junking trips.. . 
Diet Coke in hand and of course 
Cookies, or do-nuts. . 
And a lot of laughs and FUN!
Hey, thanks Sue for the beautiful pictures
You can catch Sue at 


  1. LOL! I had so much fun talking, shopping, snacking and learning! You are a wonderful friend and I love spending time with you. Hugs.

  2. Oh my, what amazing and beautiful bottles! Beautiful insulator colors!
    Happy to be a new follower and thank you for stopping by,
    Mary Alice

  3. I am loving the bottles and I salute you for your fab attitude! :) I am drooling over these insulators, youre so right!!! Old bottles are interesting!



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