Friday, September 21, 2012

Bottles Continued

Well, in the previous post
I told you about mine and Sue's 
Trip to the
Antique Bottle Show in Salt Lake City
Now, I want to show you what I purchased at the show.
Remember, I am NOT a bottle collector!
I just like the colors and shapes
And I wonder about their story.
First of all
 I love glass "insulators"
 These are electrical insulators.
They were once pirched high upon 
Electrical, telephone, telegraph lines. . .
This is a beehive insulator. . .It looks like a beehive.
Well, if you live in Utah (the Beehive State) 
One must have a beehive insulator.  
Cool. . .I think so anyway.
 I learned so much from the bottle show.
I now know why some are aqua, some are violet
And some are brown.
 These bottles were all buried deep within the ground
In Salt Lake City at an old old landfill. . 
The soil also plays a part in their color.
This is an old whisky bottle.
It has one side that is concave.
That is so the bottle could fit in the
Back pocket of a mans trousers.
 These are my brown bottles. . 
For some reason, I am in love with 
Brown Bottles.
The three small ones are old Vaseline bottles.
 This bottle says "Witches Oil"
What on this earth is that?
And what was Witch Oil used for?
Sue has one that says, "Embalming" on it!
 The little Vaseline bottles looked like this in
The early 1900's.
I just love them, I also have some blue Vick's bottles.
I love these old bottles.  
There is history within their imperfect shape, and colors.
Long hidden within the glass is a story.
I guess that is the way with life.
Hidden within the imperfections, is a history and a story.
That is why I love "old" things."
How about you? Do you love the "old".

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  1. Karie,

    I love your bottles. I love insulators too. Those vaseline bottles are so neat. That's neat to know about the reason for the various colors. Interesting post! Have a great weekend!

  2. Karie,

    I love old insulators! Every now and then I still see them somewhere in use. I would love to put you in for the giveaway but, the company requires you post a link in this post for the entry. If you will revisit my party and copy and paste that link I will put you down. Thanks!! I'll check back soon to see if it is here.
    Thank you for joining HSH!

  3. Yes, Im with you on the obsession with glass! :D I cant help myself if I see a nice coloured mason jar or an old bottle! though Ive never got my hands on an insulator :)


  4. There is just so many fun weays to decorate with old bottles. You have a lot of fun ones. I love the brown bottles! Thank you for joining us for TTF last week. I hope you are having a great day!


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