Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love of Crocheting

Oh how I love to crochet!
I am always working on a project.
I have shown you many of my
Crochet projects.
From my delicate doilies
 To the hundreds of flowers (literally)
And crocheted blossom pillows
 Not to forget the many little goody baskets I have made.
 I have made so many afghans I have lost count.
 I started this one over a year ago.
But I just now finished it. . . 
Why did it take me so long. . .?
Hmm! I made a big mistake.
I had to unravel an almost complete afghan!
 Now, believe me my projects are not perfect.
But, this mistake was one I couldn't live with.
So I started over. . .
 In the end I completed a beautiful snuggley afghan
Just in time for the Cool evenings of Fall
And soon to be Cold evenings of Winter
 I am happy with my beautiful afghan.
And I am sooooooo, grateful I know how to crochet.
Many, many years ago my Grandma Dot
"Tried" to teach me how to crochet.
It wasn't until many years later that I
Seriously picked up the "hook" and became 
"Hooked" on crocheting.
It relaxes me.
I thank God everyday for the talents He has
Blessed me with.
Not only do they bless my life
But they bless others.

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  1. Hi Karie,
    Me too, I love to crochet I am working on a heart blanket right now in yellow. I love your ripple afghan it turned out beautifully. I know what you mean about having to rip out a mistake. I had to do the same thing just the other night about ten inches and all the trim, I have begun to sew two panles together and found my booboo..I was not happy, but like you I could not live with it. Your doilies are so pretty I really do love them. We are so much a like!
    Sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Your Afghan is beautiful! And you have been blessed with so many talents, including that of being a good friend.

  3. Those are all so beautiful, Karie. The color of the afghan is so sweet. I wish I knew how to crocheted...Christine

  4. What beautiful pieces! You are very talented! Your afghan is gorgeous!

  5. You are blessed with so much talent! Your creations are so beautiful! In the winter I usually start a crochet project, usually a scarf or small afghan. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Kari, your creations are lovely. my mother crochets, so i know the long hours it takes to make this beautiful treasure. Happy Fall.


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