Monday, September 3, 2012

Shopping Therapy

Hello my dear friends,
First of all thank you for your sweet
Messages of love to me for the
Passing of my sweet little pet
I have felt the love and sympathy.
If you have never had a pet that you loved so
Very tenderly, then you have no idea how my heartaches.
I have a cute little saying
"There's nothing that can't be solved
When shopping is involved!"
So me and My sweet daughter-in-law headed for the
City of Salt Lake City, and did some shopping.
Here is a few things I bought. . 
(I shop to try and fill the gaps in my heart)
 Is this not the cutest pillow?
I have wanted one of the "french wordy" pillows
 There are still things made in the USA!
Oregon, as a matter of fact. . .
I think I bought it in part for the fact it was made here!
 Love it with my Ampersand pillow, that I made.
 It is getting that time of year to start changing out the decor
To the pretty vibrant colors of Autumn
 I found lots of fall stems, and flowers, and this cute
Chicken wire basket. . .Love it!
 I also bought some fall colored dish towels to put in the kitchen.
Ooh! I just love the colors.
 Found some cute note-cards and to-do list.
Yes, I still send cards. . .! by mail. .
Also, some new fresh white wash cloths. . These are a favorite.
Well, it was a fun day. . 
Everything was on sale. . so that is always a good thing.
Now I can pull out the other Autumn decor and begin
To change things. . .Just like Mother Nature. . 
I will change the colors in my home.
What did you do this Labor Day?
Hope you had a safe happy day.
Hugs,  K


  1. Love your newfound treasures! :) You have really got some amazing finds! :)


  2. oh, i am so sorry to hear about your sweet pup. i had no idea.

    it's easy to see where hoarders come from, shopping to fill voids-they always say that. thankfully, you're shopping definitely was the right thing, b/c that letter with the "&" is a perfect combo.

    hang in there!

  3. I am in love with that pillow! And the pictures of little Zoey are so sweet! She was a good little friend:(


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