Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Curtains

Hello dear friends.
We are having a beautiful 
October Day. . 
But, I know that parts of the country
Are experiencing some very 
Scary Weather. . .I pray the Lord
May bless you and your loved ones
May you be safe and protected. . 

As most of you know I moved into a new
Condo a few months ago. . .So,
I have been having fun decorating
And adding my own personality to my Home.
This weekend I made new curtains for my
Kitchen window.
I wanted something that would not
Block the beautiful view I have.
My Utah Mountains are so beautiful

These are the Oquirrah's (Don't worry about pronouncing it)

  As you can see I have very high ceilings. . .
So.. . I wanted to cover the top of the window
But leave enough covering, that I didn't diminish my view
Or the beautiful morning sun
 I didn't want a plain bottom hem. . .So. . 
I used a salad plate to trace my scallops. . 
(You don't need a pattern, just creativity)
 You can see the counter-tops
With my Autumn vignettes. .
 I do very little "real" cooking
I think the kitchen is just to decorate!
Just Sayin?
So now the kitchen window has it's curtain.
It made the kitchen look so much more "homey"
 Cozy and gave it a finishing touch.
Now I am working on the sliding door window.
I will do the same thing. . . 
I am so glad I know how to sew.
I learned at a very young age.
I come from a long line of seamstresses.
When I was younger raising my family
I did A LOT of sewing.
I have one daughter, so you can image the
Fun I had making her clothes.
She was a dancer and I made all her costumes.
My sewing talents have been a  blessing in my life
And helped me to express my own creativity.
How about you. . .Do you SEW?

I will be joining these lovely blogs
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 Totally Transformed Tuesday

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blue Hutch

Oh, I just can't pass up an ugly piece of furniture!
This poor little hutch was so ugly
Everyone was passing it up. . 
No, I don't have before pictures.
She just didn't want her picture taken
Or. . . maybe I forgot to take the picture!
Well, whatever!
She's a little beauty now. . 
 Her glass was broken, so. . .I used
Chicken wire. . the square kind.
I have her in my "Den"
(Are they called that anymore?)
 She holds some of my Precious Moments.
 Oh, I have a lot more of these little darlings.
Another collection, or is it obsession, of mine.
 I searched and searched for the knobs for her.
I found the perfect knobs at 
Hobby Lobby. . .50% off!
 The knobs, the chicken wire, all suit her just fine.
She is a sweet little piece of furniture!
At first I didn't know what to name her,
 Yes, I am that way. . my creations
Must always have a name.
I think I will call her 
Eliza In Blue!
Please do come back. .  K
You never know what I will come 
Up with next.

I will be linking with these lovely blogs.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Candy Corn Basket

Hello sweet friends.
I had to show you what I made
For my Crochet Friends. .
 Fall-ish candy corn baskets.
 Nothing fancy Just a cute little crochet basket. .
Filled with candy corn!
Actually the vignette on my counter- top looked
So cute, I almost didn't want to give them away.
Ah, but I am making more of my little
Candy Corn Baskets.

How is your Autumn/Fall creations going?

I will be linking with these lovely blogs. .
Be sure to visit,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crocheting and Friends

This past week I joined with my
Crocheting Friends
For a delightful evening of
Crocheting and Chatting
We have so much fun being together.
We are creating beautiful works of
Art with our Crochet Hooks, BUT
Most of all we are creating Friendships.
 Here is a view of that evening. . 
 Liz is explaining to Casey how the colors
 in the shawl will gradually get lighter.
 Liz is busy creating her beautiful work of art.
 Now, just look at Heather. . she had major surgery
Just a few weeks ago.  Doesn't she look great?
 This is Mazy. . what a cutie.
She is the youngest of the group
I love seeing young women take an interest in
The fiber art of crocheting.
Becky and Rebecca
are busy working on their projects.
Rebecca is our only knitter.
 Sue and Mary are also busy with their projects.
And here is a look at what they have done so far.
 Mary's table top runner. . .gorgeous!
And look at Sue's. . . The colors are so beautiful
I think this is going to be a cover-let
Here's a quick look at what I am working on.
 I think I am the only one
that works with fine thread.
I cross between thread crochet and yarn crochet.
I hope I get this done!
It is a table runner, and I want it for the
Thanksgiving Holiday.
The Crocheting group came to my home
We had snacks. Talked a lot. . and crocheted.
It is fun to get together with people you enjoy.
And have a common interest.
Do you have a "group" you gather with?
I hope you will come back to see
More of the things I am doing.
I recently finished a cute project, 
I can't wait to show you. . .


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest Like Today

Well, I have been checking out
Pinerest today.
I love to crochet so I checked out the
Beautiful Crochet Creations.
Let me show you what caught my eye. . 
Love, love, love vintage hot pads.
This could easily be my stash.
Clever way to store the motifs
Love the color combination.
I could spend hours in Pinterest. . 
But, my goodness I have got to finish my
Own Crochet Creations. . . .

Sorry I didn't give credit for these 
Beautiful creations. . .
But.. . .I forgot to copy the person who made them.
They are on Pinterest. . Crochet.

Be sure to come back. . .K

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thankful for Blog Friends

When I began my blog
Karie's Chic Creations
Three years ago, I had no idea it would grow
The way that it has.
I am humbled and honored
That you would visit me.
So many of you have commented and
Encouraged me
You have become my Blog Friends.
And I am so honored.
I enjoy Blogging. . .
I think the best part is meeting fellow bloggers.
I love visiting you
I follow your lives and enjoy so much 
Visiting your home and being inspired
By your creativity.
With that being said,
 I realize there is a great responsibility
My goal has always been to help spread
Loveliness, Goodness, and Creative Energy.
 I believe as Paul in the New Testament. . 
If there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report
I seek after these things.
 I will continue my journey of blogging
I hope you will continue to visit me
Because I will continue to
Visit you!
Thank you my friends!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Halloween Change

As I always say. . .
I guess there is still the child in me
But, I have to do a little 
Halloween Decorating
This time of year.
When my children were young
I decorated a lot more. . 
Now, I just do some simple things
Here are a few 
Halloween Decorations
These are my favorites.
You see the candelabra well,
That is put together with JUNK
You can read about it in a previous post HERE
 My little Ghosts make me laugh
They are full of mischief.  I just love them!
My little Witch Shoes are actually salt and pepper shakers.
Witchy, Witchy!
The Blue Buffet is decked out for Halloween. . 
I don't like scary things, I just like cutesier things!
The weather is changing, the nights are getting longer.
Time to snuggle into Home and enjoy the coming seasons.
How about you do you still decorate for Halloween?

A Few of My Favorites

A few of my favorite things !
I feel such gratitude for
My Family
My Faith
My Friends. .
I can't imagine my life without them

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Buffet~Center of My Home Decorating

As you may know I found this
Beautiful Buffet a few years ago
Oh, she didn't look like this. . .not at all
She looked like this. . .I painted her
The Beautiful Blue
Martha Stewart's "Faded Ink"
She has been the focal point of my
Seasonal Decorating since she came into my home.
Her are a few of her changes. . .

My Blue Buffet and I
Have moved since all these photos were taken
She is still the Focal Point in my new home
Here is her Autum look in our new home.
Oh, how I love my Blue Buffet.
She was a lot of work when I painted her,
But she has been worth it.
I love decorating her. . .

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Few October Photos

Oh, I am sure you are tired of
My ramblings about my photo taking. . 
Sorry, but here is one more.
I am still working on the software
That came with my Canon Camera
But, you know what
I love PicMonkey.
I really do.
It is so easy to use
And my photos come out so pretty.
Take a look
The October sky is so beautiful!
 All I needed to do to this one is crop it.
I had a car at the bottom of this mountain.
(Oh, I love this little mountain. .)
And this one  I enhanced the color of the words.
They were too light. . .so wala. . darker letters.
I have enrolled in a photography class
I hope it will help my photo taking skills. . 
I have always loved taking pictures.

Please do come back.  
Hugs,  K

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pictures Taking With New Camera

As I told you previously
I have a new
Canon Camera
(Remember I am NOT a photographer)
So on this October day
Looked at my world with the intent
Of taking Pictures. . .
Here is what I found with my
Un-photographic eye.

 The is beautiful.
Can you see the little Bee in the second picture?
These are un-edited.
My camera come with software for editing.
The pictures are easy. . 
It is the editing I need to work on.
So be sure to come back
And hopefully I will be able to show you
Some enhanced photo editing.
See you tomorrow.
Hugs. . . .K