Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue Buffet~Center of My Home Decorating

As you may know I found this
Beautiful Buffet a few years ago
Oh, she didn't look like this. . .not at all
She looked like this. . .I painted her
The Beautiful Blue
Martha Stewart's "Faded Ink"
She has been the focal point of my
Seasonal Decorating since she came into my home.
Her are a few of her changes. . .

My Blue Buffet and I
Have moved since all these photos were taken
She is still the Focal Point in my new home
Here is her Autum look in our new home.
Oh, how I love my Blue Buffet.
She was a lot of work when I painted her,
But she has been worth it.
I love decorating her. . .

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  1. That buffet is beautiful and you decorate it with such flair! It also holds a lot of wonderful things, as I now know!


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