Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crocheting and Friends

This past week I joined with my
Crocheting Friends
For a delightful evening of
Crocheting and Chatting
We have so much fun being together.
We are creating beautiful works of
Art with our Crochet Hooks, BUT
Most of all we are creating Friendships.
 Here is a view of that evening. . 
 Liz is explaining to Casey how the colors
 in the shawl will gradually get lighter.
 Liz is busy creating her beautiful work of art.
 Now, just look at Heather. . she had major surgery
Just a few weeks ago.  Doesn't she look great?
 This is Mazy. . what a cutie.
She is the youngest of the group
I love seeing young women take an interest in
The fiber art of crocheting.
Becky and Rebecca
are busy working on their projects.
Rebecca is our only knitter.
 Sue and Mary are also busy with their projects.
And here is a look at what they have done so far.
 Mary's table top runner. . .gorgeous!
And look at Sue's. . . The colors are so beautiful
I think this is going to be a cover-let
Here's a quick look at what I am working on.
 I think I am the only one
that works with fine thread.
I cross between thread crochet and yarn crochet.
I hope I get this done!
It is a table runner, and I want it for the
Thanksgiving Holiday.
The Crocheting group came to my home
We had snacks. Talked a lot. . and crocheted.
It is fun to get together with people you enjoy.
And have a common interest.
Do you have a "group" you gather with?
I hope you will come back to see
More of the things I am doing.
I recently finished a cute project, 
I can't wait to show you. . .



  1. What a sweet post! That was such a fun night! Can't wait to do it again! Isn't it amazing what a blessing this little group has been?! Thanks for being a terrific friend! Hugs.

  2. I don't have a group who gets together to do anything other than a couple of friends that when we get together, we talk each other's ears off! We have a blast though! Looks like lots of fun. Hope you finish your runner soon! Looks like it will be so nice!
    Have a great Sunday.

  3. Oh these look lovely! The beautiful colours!



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