Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest Like Today

Well, I have been checking out
Pinerest today.
I love to crochet so I checked out the
Beautiful Crochet Creations.
Let me show you what caught my eye. . 
Love, love, love vintage hot pads.
This could easily be my stash.
Clever way to store the motifs
Love the color combination.
I could spend hours in Pinterest. . 
But, my goodness I have got to finish my
Own Crochet Creations. . . .

Sorry I didn't give credit for these 
Beautiful creations. . .
But.. . .I forgot to copy the person who made them.
They are on Pinterest. . Crochet.

Be sure to come back. . .K

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  1. LOVE all the beautiful and creative colours! :D



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