Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Curtains

Hello dear friends.
We are having a beautiful 
October Day. . 
But, I know that parts of the country
Are experiencing some very 
Scary Weather. . .I pray the Lord
May bless you and your loved ones
May you be safe and protected. . 

As most of you know I moved into a new
Condo a few months ago. . .So,
I have been having fun decorating
And adding my own personality to my Home.
This weekend I made new curtains for my
Kitchen window.
I wanted something that would not
Block the beautiful view I have.
My Utah Mountains are so beautiful

These are the Oquirrah's (Don't worry about pronouncing it)

  As you can see I have very high ceilings. . .
So.. . I wanted to cover the top of the window
But leave enough covering, that I didn't diminish my view
Or the beautiful morning sun
 I didn't want a plain bottom hem. . .So. . 
I used a salad plate to trace my scallops. . 
(You don't need a pattern, just creativity)
 You can see the counter-tops
With my Autumn vignettes. .
 I do very little "real" cooking
I think the kitchen is just to decorate!
Just Sayin?
So now the kitchen window has it's curtain.
It made the kitchen look so much more "homey"
 Cozy and gave it a finishing touch.
Now I am working on the sliding door window.
I will do the same thing. . . 
I am so glad I know how to sew.
I learned at a very young age.
I come from a long line of seamstresses.
When I was younger raising my family
I did A LOT of sewing.
I have one daughter, so you can image the
Fun I had making her clothes.
She was a dancer and I made all her costumes.
My sewing talents have been a  blessing in my life
And helped me to express my own creativity.
How about you. . .Do you SEW?

I will be joining these lovely blogs
A Stroll Thru Life
 Totally Transformed Tuesday


  1. I can sew just enough to get by. I can make simple curtains, runners, etc. But if it gets into anything major, I'm not the one you want sewing. :) Your curtain is lovely. I really like the scalloped edge. Your home is looking so good!

  2. Hi Karie,
    I love how your curtains turned out...and the scalloped edge was brilliant. Your fall decorations on the counter are so festive and colorful. Wow on the view, I would be standing in front of the kitchen sink all day long just looking out. Your view is amazing (all I see from my kitchen window is the neighbor across the street LOL)
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  3. The curtains look great, I love the material and the scalloped edge. They look great in your kitchen.

    I'm dropping in from Marty's (A Stroll Thru Life). It's nice to meet you

    Lisa (

  4. So very talented you are! I love the scalloped edge on the curtains. I can relate to the kitchen cooking thing. Wish I were more creative in that arena! Don't you feel blessed to have the beautiful mountains surrounding us?! I know that I take them for granted some days--but I truly love them! Especially this time of year with the color changes! Hugs.

  5. Oh I love the scallops and the fabric. Perfect. They look wonderful and so perfect in your kitchen. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love your curtains. I can sew but really don't like to but I also have a daughter and enjoyed making all her clothes when she was little. Thanks so much for linking up at Totally Transformed Tuesday. :-) Peggy~PJH Designs


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