Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cherishing Memories

Oh, boy! Let me tell you
I am slowing down!
My decorating is nothing like it use to be
When I was much younger.
But, none the less, the Christmas decorating
Is finally at an end. . .
At least for now.
Here is just a short showing of what I have.
Welcome to My Home. . .
I downsized a few years ago to a table-top tree!
I know I am bad. . .BUT
I just couldn't do it anymore. . .
I honestly stressed over a  big tree. . 
My grand kids just can't understand. . 
But, hey you do what you have to do. . 
My Home is not a McMansion. . it is simple and cozy.
And I like it that way. . 
When decorating for Christmas I always think. . 
Hmmm. . . . What goes up must come down!
I am still not a minimalist. . No sir not me!
One of my favorites is my wall grouping.
You may notice the picture of the two little girls on the right.
I gave that picture to my Auntie Carol. . many years ago.
I told her that I thought it looked like her and my Mom
My Auntie being the little blond girl and 
My Mom the little dark headed girl. . .
My Aunt kept this picture on her wall all the time.
Not just at Christmas time. . 
My Auntie passed away last year, and my cousin gave me
Back the picture. . .(I had given it to Aunt Carol in 1993)
I can almost hear the choir of little angels.
 I think Christmas is about the cherished memories of the past.
And  hope for the future. . But always delighting in the present.

Be sure to check back for more Christmas scenes from
My Home.

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  1. Your Christmas decor is completely enchanting! I love all the festive touches.

    May the beauty, joy and peace of the season be yours.


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