Thursday, January 31, 2013

It Is About Time

Oh, yes! It is all about 
And it is about time I got back to blogging. .. 
I have been MIA (missing in action)
January was a crazy month. . too much for me.
But I am back!
We have had a long hard winter, I know it isn't over yet.
But today 
There was actually 
We are still covered in SNOW
But I can see the BLUE SKY
It has been over a month since I could see the sky.
The snowstorms, the fog, the inversion. . .
Must I go on?
So while I have been overcome with winter depression
I have been making things. . 
Here is just a little showing of what I have been doing.


You will have to come back 
To see what I have been up to.


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Things Done

I know I am MISSING!
But I am IN ACTION. . 
Just Busy.
 Trying to get a few things done.
Don't give up on me. . 
I will be back soon. . .with something
To show for my 
Missing In Action!
Be sure to check back.


Monday, January 14, 2013

No Place Like HOME

Well, I hope all of you that are living in the
Deep Freeze are staying Warm!
I am right in the heart of the Freeze. . 
Utah is in the low teens for the high
And the minus for the low.
It is COLD!
I am so thankful for the things that keep me warm. .
No matter where you go or what you are experiencing 
There Is No Place Like 
I have been under the weather for the past week
And when I don't feel good, I just want to be
 The shelf in the living room has a new look.
 A couple of my glass electrical insulator are nestled in the berry branch
 If you know my Family, you would know 
This Subway sign fits us perfect
When I saw the word
LOUD, I knew it was for my family!
 The coziness of the room is comforting to me.
Isn't it amazing how the sun can shine
But it is so cold outside, you don't feel it's warmth?
One of my favorite time of day is
When the sun shines through the blinds and makes
The shadow on the wall.
Do you have a time of day when the sun comes
Through your windows and makes the room 
Bright and yet cozy?

Snuggle in for a long winter. . and be sure to
Come on back. . . K

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Crocheting

Oh, this is the time I love to crochet!
It is cold outside, but warm 
Inside my home.
Time to do some serious crocheting. . 
I have wanted to make some of these scarves
But, I didn't know how. . hmmm!
Off to the internet, and I soon fund how to make them
Easy as could be.
The granddaughters love them, and so do I
I make several in an evening watching my favorite
T.V shows. . 
A crocheter always tries to find a way to cover
Anything with yarn. . 
Well, I have been covering hangers with yarn for years.
I love these hangers. . .my closet is full of them
My clothes never slip off the hanger, and I don't
Get those "shoulder bumps" on my knit shirts.
These are so easy to make. . Easy Peasy
What, oh what to do about a wreath this time of year?
Well, this is what I came up with.
 Again something so simple. . and yet so cute.
Problem is I don't want to put it on the outside of the door
Not quite yet. . it is snowy here in Utah.
So it hangs on the inside of my door.
Well as you can see my hands have been busy
Can I just say I am so grateful my Grandma 
Taught me how to crochet when I was young
It has been a blessing to have this creative art
I enjoy crocheting, it relaxes me and 
I am able to share my craft with others.
Well, I am off to make more scarves, they will make
Perfect gifts for friends and family
And of course the hangers are always needed
I intend to make another crochet wreath.
Be sure to check back again to see what I am up to next.
Hugs to all.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Ah the splendid beauty of 
Is seems to be colorless outside, 
Just the Winter White
But on the inside of my home
I like to bring color and a few snowmen
To revive the spirit of my home after
the colorful decorations of December.
Of course my precious hutch gets the focus of my attention.
 Snowmen and colorful snow flake plates.
 My precious hutch not only is fun to decorate,
But it also adds so much coziness and warmth 
To my kitchen area.
I continue to keep my snowmen on display until 
Later in January
Usually after my son's birthday. . 
The small Jim Shore collection I have 
Has brought so much delight to me
And brightened my home decor.
I try to buy a new Jim Shore snowman each year.
I have quite a few little snowmen 
And snowmen salt and pepper shakers
They are sitting about in various places during January.

I can't wait to show you what I have been working 
On lately. . .the cold nights of January are 
A great time to snuggle in, watch t.v

Be sure to stop by again.
I love seeing that you have visited and
I would also love to hear from you.
Stay warm and enjoy this time of the year!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter White

Nothing like 
Winter White
After a colorful Christmas
And before the Red of February
It is nice to see the 
White of Winter.
These are a few of the words 
I use to describe Winter
The earth is resting before her 
Colorful Extravaganza begins!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thrifty Finds For The New Year

Well hello 2013
That seems different. . a 13 for the year!
Oh well, onward it is on the path of time.
To begin the new year I want to show
You some thrifty finds.
On December 31, I found these little treasures
At my local DI (Deseret Industries)
Thrill, thrill. . !
First look at this adorable
Santa Tea Pot!
Won't he be cute next year on my hutch?
Funny thing. . .I have the matching salt and pepper shakers.
I saw these Pfalzgraff plates ($1.00) a week ago at the DI
And I thought "I don't need anymore plates"
Hmmm....the more I thought about them
The more I thought how nice they would
Look in my hutch.
Nothing lasts at the thrift store. . if you don't get
It when you first see it . . it will be gone when you go back.
Taking my chances, and a little prayer. . 
They were there when I went on Monday
I have the matching serving bowl. . 
And this little Fire King bowl, with handle, for 50 cents.
I couldn't pass up, it is for a friend.
So there you have it my Thrifty Finds to start the new year.
How about you. . .are you a Thrifty Finder?
And what treasures have you found lately.

Be sure to visit again!

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