Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Yarn Has Taken Over!

Oh My!
The Yarn Has Taken Over My Life!
Seriously. . all I want to do is crochet this yarn.
And that is pretty much all I have done for the last month
Or More!
I have completed this beautiful shawl for my
Great-Auntie Colleen. . .
Sorry you don't see the full view of it.
It is beautiful and I know she is going to love it.
I started out with a pattern. . .but
I adapted it to what I wanted.
Believe me I need directions, but I must say
This turned out pretty.
And just look at this beautiful amaryllis
It just keeps blooming. . this is the 4th bloom
It must know that I need some kind of hope for Spring.
It has been a long hard winter for me. . .
So I just keep crocheting.
I will show you more in a few days.
Oh that darn Yarn is calling me!
Come back. .. 
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Thrill of The Hunt

I just can't stop myself from stopping
In at the Thrift Store, (DI)
I have to go every once in awhile and check things out.
It beckons my name. . .
Calling me, calling me. . .
Come see what I have, come see what treasures
There may be here for you. . 
I believe it is the 
Thrill of The Hunt!
Finding that treasure. . .that unsuspecting 
Treasure. . 
That rush of adrenaline that gives me a 
Thrift Store High. . 
So off to the Thrift Store I go
And low and behold there are many treasures waiting for me to find them.
 Wood Boxes and Brass Candle holders.
Now some people may not think these are treasures. .
Huh? Well they most certainly are treasures!
Look at the dove tail grooves in this box. . 
They are beautiful . . .and I can decorate with them.
You just wait and see.
Ah, PYREX. . did someone say PYREX bowls.
$1.00 a piece! Oh what a treasure find. . 
Just look at that huge glass jar. . I can think of
Many things I can fill it with.
And the silver tray. . .How cute is that
My sister-in-law has a gift coming her way
Green glass vase. . .she loves green glass.
Look at that beautiful winter scene . . on fabric.
How could I possibly pass this up?
Oh, the best for last. . .this wicker picnic basket.
Ya, a vintage wicker picnic basket for $4.00
Oh, I am going to have a blast decorating with this baby!
I could not believe my eyes, and I even let out a little squeal. . !
They want a lot of money in antique stores for these little beauties. . 
It is mine all mine.
You can see I just can't pass up a chance to go to DI
I have found some real treasures. . and yes I love everyone of them.
And NO, I am not letting any of them go.
( Oh, I spent less than $10.00) NICE!
Be sure to come back and see what I have done
With my Thrift Store finds. . 
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Threads and Friendships

If you know me and my blog
You know I blog about my adventures
In Decorating And Creating.
Well, along  my journey I have met some
Wonderful people 
My very best-est creating friend is
of Felted Button fame.
Let me tell you I am nothing when it comes to crocheting. . 
Sue puts me to shame. . 
We not only crochet together, but we also go "junking" together. . 
Our vintage bottle escapade was one of the funnest!
If you could see us in the thrifty stores. . . we are like hunting dogs. . !
Every year we take the Garden Tour. . .
We have been in a few tangled messes along our way. . 
And right now I am in a tangled mess. . 
I am trying to get crochet items ready for the 
Boutique we are going to have in May
Oh, I can't wait to show you some of the beautiful 
Crochet items we will be selling. . .
That darn Sue, has me hooked on yarn and anything
Crochet. . .
I am so tangled right now I can't do anything else!
Check back again,and again!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Beauty of Flowers in Winter

Oh The Beauty and Healing Power of
It is still winter and I have so longed for
The beauty of live real flowers. . 
Oh, I don't mean the florist or grocery store cut flowers,
I mean REAL flowers, blooming in REAL dirt!
Ah, I come home from work on
Valentine Day
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
My Amaryllis had bloomed!
I have been watching this sweet flower since January
It was just a few weeks ago it looked like this

Right before my eyes it grew.
Oh, it is BEAUTIFUL.
It makes me smile and it makes me happy.
I am so happy for flowers that grow in real dirt
And bloom in the dead of winter.
Snow may be on the ground,
It may be cold outside.
But within my home I have a beautiful
Gift. . .A Flower!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February~ Valentine

This is the time of the year when we 
Celebrate LOVE!
I must say, shouldn't we be
Celebrating Love All the Time?
I would much rather set my heart a glow all year long.
Than just one single day. . .
I would like to send sweet sentiments to those I love
All year long. . .
Oh, don't get me wrong. . I do enjoy 
Valentine's Day.
There is nothing so sweet and charming as the happiness
Of children receiving sweet valentines from friends and family.
I must say I wouldn't mind a valentine or two. . 
But. . .my sweet husband didn't celebrate the Day of Valentine
So I celebrated by giving myself flowers and gifts. . 
Oh, I never minded. . 
I always knew he loved me. . there was no doubt!
My sweet Valentine had a tender heart. . 
And he loved me!
The door of life closed 21 years ago this February
Because of God's Goodness and Tender Mercy
Someday the door of eternity will open
And I will be in my husbands arms again.
To all who love. . 
Happy Valentine's Day all year through.
There is no 
Equal to
Tenderness of
(Jane Austin)

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Helpful Tips To Keep My Home Clean And Tidy

I don't know about you but 
Some weeks I am 
It just seems there is so much to do.
I work full time and I have a home to keep up
I have four children, and their spouses, and 9 grandchildren
And. . . .a calling in my Church. . . .and and, and
Well, the list goes on and on.
Needless to say, I sometimes feel 
Stressed, Overwhelmed, and Depressed!
(Oh My)
I thought at my age, life would slow down.
I was wrong. . .I feel like it has sped up. . 
How about you? Does anyone else feel this way?
Well, this month it has been my home that has 
Given me stress. . No time to do all the chores
It takes a lot of time to keep a home clean and tidy.
Now mind you I live alone, Ya, what is the problem with me
Well part of the problem is I have not had the Energy
Ambition, nor Desire to do all the necessary chores.
I would rather crochet, paint crafts or sew.  You name it!
I remember when things were calmer 
I remember when homemaking looked like this
I think I was tricked. . .

I wish my fridge looked like this

I don't even have time to bake a cake!

Well, to sum it up I came across some tips for
Keeping my home clean and tidy. . 
I thought I would pass it on to you.
Simple little things to do

Daily spend 10 minutes in each room 
De-clutter papers and mess.  Do a little dusting each day.
Spend an additional 5 minutes in the kitchen. . 
Add decorative baskets to each room to collect "stuff"
Then every few days empty the contents to their permanent
storage places.

Every week spend 30 minutes in each room
Vacuum all carpeted ares. Mop tile and hardwood floors.
Do a mini- deep cleaning.

Every month dust all things you normally don't do during your
daily and weekly dusting. . like picture frames
ceiling fans, baseboards, and blinds.
Vacuum the couch it's cushions and other furniture.
Scrub all windows. Pay attention to details.
Pull out appliances and clean behind them.

I have always felt it was such a honor and blessing
To be a HOMEMAKER. . 
And when I let things go in my home
I feel disorganized, frustrated and depressed.
Not a good way to feel.
So this week-end I spent the time doing the
Things to make my home feel good again.
And in the long run I feel much better.
Please do come back

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Crochet, Crochet, Hearts

It is a beautiful Saturday in
The sun is shining and the sky is blue.
And I have some 
Hearts to show you.
I have cut back on my "holiday" decorating,
But, hey it is February the month of 
Love, and Hearts!
So I crocheted a cute heart banner.
Who do I love so very much?
My Family!
I could never make enough hearts to fill with my love,
I overflow with love for so many people in my life.
My dear, dear friend Sue at Felted Button 
Designed and wrote the pattern for these hearts.
You can go here and get her free pattern.
Oh, my, she is so talented.  
Just a few happy hearts to help get me out of the
Winter blah's. . .it has been a rough one for me.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Crochet Hearts..  . 

Be sure to come back again. . 
And I would love to hear from you.