Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February~ Valentine

This is the time of the year when we 
Celebrate LOVE!
I must say, shouldn't we be
Celebrating Love All the Time?
I would much rather set my heart a glow all year long.
Than just one single day. . .
I would like to send sweet sentiments to those I love
All year long. . .
Oh, don't get me wrong. . I do enjoy 
Valentine's Day.
There is nothing so sweet and charming as the happiness
Of children receiving sweet valentines from friends and family.
I must say I wouldn't mind a valentine or two. . 
But. . .my sweet husband didn't celebrate the Day of Valentine
So I celebrated by giving myself flowers and gifts. . 
Oh, I never minded. . 
I always knew he loved me. . there was no doubt!
My sweet Valentine had a tender heart. . 
And he loved me!
The door of life closed 21 years ago this February
Because of God's Goodness and Tender Mercy
Someday the door of eternity will open
And I will be in my husbands arms again.
To all who love. . 
Happy Valentine's Day all year through.
There is no 
Equal to
Tenderness of
(Jane Austin)

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  1. Oh girlie, such a sweet and heart touching post! you are right of course, we should have our hearts aglow all year roud, I like to think of this day as a reminder, if anything else. :)


  2. Dear Karie,
    Your post is beautiful! and touched my heart deeply. You are a dear and I agree with you it should be Valentine's Day everyday of year when you are with the ones you love. Never stop saying I LOVE YOU....
    You are one very special Lady.
    Have a sweet day and Happy Valentine's Day to You.
    Sending you big hugs, XO Elizabeth

  3. HI Karie! OH, I love this post and that pretty colorful heart is just adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Beautiful post and sentiments! Love your sweet valentine's decor!

  5. Lovely post! Your wreath is gorgeous! Wonderful, I tell ya, simply wonderful! xHugs

  6. Karie this is such a sweet post and wonderful tribute to your husband. Yes, I too look forward to the day that we will be reunited with loved ones. No hurry of course, but what a reunion that will be! Love your sweet wreath and Valentines gifts. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.
    p.s. Is it Spring yet? lol!

  7. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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