Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Thrill of The Hunt

I just can't stop myself from stopping
In at the Thrift Store, (DI)
I have to go every once in awhile and check things out.
It beckons my name. . .
Calling me, calling me. . .
Come see what I have, come see what treasures
There may be here for you. . 
I believe it is the 
Thrill of The Hunt!
Finding that treasure. . .that unsuspecting 
Treasure. . 
That rush of adrenaline that gives me a 
Thrift Store High. . 
So off to the Thrift Store I go
And low and behold there are many treasures waiting for me to find them.
 Wood Boxes and Brass Candle holders.
Now some people may not think these are treasures. .
Huh? Well they most certainly are treasures!
Look at the dove tail grooves in this box. . 
They are beautiful . . .and I can decorate with them.
You just wait and see.
Ah, PYREX. . did someone say PYREX bowls.
$1.00 a piece! Oh what a treasure find. . 
Just look at that huge glass jar. . I can think of
Many things I can fill it with.
And the silver tray. . .How cute is that
My sister-in-law has a gift coming her way
Green glass vase. . .she loves green glass.
Look at that beautiful winter scene . . on fabric.
How could I possibly pass this up?
Oh, the best for last. . .this wicker picnic basket.
Ya, a vintage wicker picnic basket for $4.00
Oh, I am going to have a blast decorating with this baby!
I could not believe my eyes, and I even let out a little squeal. . !
They want a lot of money in antique stores for these little beauties. . 
It is mine all mine.
You can see I just can't pass up a chance to go to DI
I have found some real treasures. . and yes I love everyone of them.
And NO, I am not letting any of them go.
( Oh, I spent less than $10.00) NICE!
Be sure to come back and see what I have done
With my Thrift Store finds. . 
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  1. That was a very successful and fun day, Karie!! I especially love the picnic basket. Let's go again soon!

  2. Looks like you had a blast!!! SO many beautiful treasures, LOVE the glass, but everything is superb! :)


  3. Girl, you hit the mother lode!!!! Great finds!!!

  4. You found some great things & I can't wait to see what you do with them all! Love the Pyrex the best, though. I'm a Pyrex gal & love it all!!



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