Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Randomness or March Madness?

Hello dear bloggy friends.
I just have some 
March Randomness. . .or it could be
Karie's March Madness. . 
 This poor little ugly, and odd little chair
 Transformed into this cute 
 Adorable turquoise chair
It actually sits by my front door
But for picture purposes (lighting) I put it here.
It is a "different" looking little chair
And the seat can be lifted . . a little box.
My friend found it and gave it too me. . 
I am loving it.
I love the color turquoise. . 
And this time of year I like my faux flowers.
Oh goodness, I like faux flowers anytime of year!

Little MARCH
Precious Moments. .  Isn't she sweet
Just like my March baby girl.
 This was the view from my bedroom window this morning. . 
It won't look like this for long. . a snow storm is coming.
Ya, just gotta love March and living in northern Utah
The weather can change several times in a day
I love living where the weather is so unpredictable!
Well, I hope wherever you are you are loving it.
Be sure to come back again, and hopefully again!


  1. What a cute chair. I love the new color. We were in the 70's here today. Perfect Spring day. My hubby mowed the lawn while I cleaned some of the french doors, and mirrors. Every room in my house has french doors! Pretty but they need lots of cleaning. :) Hope you have a great week!

  2. Love the color! Good job, Karie! Hugs.

  3. I love your little chair!!! I thin having a compartment is lovely!!! And the colour you painted it is fab!!!



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