Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shamrocks For The Irish In Me

Hello dear friends,
I have been missing for a few days. . 
Life just sometimes gets in the way of my
Blog and my Projects.
Oh, well, such is life.
Never runs a smooth course for me.
I wanted to share a few of my
Shamrocks with you.
I don't like it when Easter is in March. . 
Although, my Granny use to say that when Easter comes early
We will have an early Spring. . 
Oh, I hope she is right.
I like to decorate for St. Patrick's day
My daughter was born on March 17th
So it has always been a special time to bring
The Irish out for my daughter and my family.
I am still on a crocheting marathon. . 
Crocheting tends to calm me and helps me
To be happy.
A shamrock garland on the blue shelf. . . 
Decorating the blue shelf is so fun. . 
I love to change it. . and express my creative style
Yes those are Jelly Beans in the jar. . 
So bright and fun. . 
The colors make me happy!
I am adding a few Easter decorations too
I will show them later.
Hugs to everyone.
Please do come back and I love your comments.


  1. This is sooo cute! I love the green! :D


  2. Hi Karie! Your crocheted garland is darling! I need to pull out some yarn and hooks too! Thank you so much for your sweet words to me. I really do appreciate you.
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Karie, I have a niece who was born on St. Patty's Day. Lucky for them and lucky for us! I don't love Easter in March either. Although, I did give all of my St. Patty's decor away a few years ago. I still like it and we will have a fun green dinner with the family, but I just tried to downs size. lol! Very little I must admit. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Everything looks so pretty on your shelf! I love the pictures you have on display too! Great job!


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