Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Spring Change

Just for a little change. . 
I redecorated the top of the t.v. hutch
Nothing fancy. . .a little red and white 
I hope the berried will do for 
Spring. . . 
I love them in my Fleur De Lise pitcher.
I think berries are pretty any time of the year.
My little lambies are always cute in any vignette.
They have a story, as most of my things have a story.
The little gray and white one is always in my curio
She is a treasure to me. . .
As you can see my living room is very colorful
I use a lot of color in my decorating.
I like the look of red and white ticking.
I made the table-top runner in ticking.
For some reason, I like something "under" my displays
Just a quirky little thing I have. . .
Today is a beautiful spring day.
But, it isn't going to last long.  Storms are on their way.
Hope you are having a beautiful day where you are.
Sunshine is bliss!

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