Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Granny

Well, hello!
Oh, life if a busy place to be. . .
Don't you agree?
My tired hands, eyes, feet, and back
Can attest to the fact that 
My Life is Busy!
I finished my Granny Square Pillows
I am so pleased with how they turned out.
Each one is different. . .their own personalities.
I love, love this one. . 
I think I will make a blanket from this idea.
They are small, medium, and large. . 
Just a simple Granny Square
With so many different colors.
Granny Squares work up very fast.
I make a fabric pillow first and then I hand stitch
The square to the front.
They look so pretty in my home.
Very eye pleasing.
Whenever I work on the Granny Square,
I think of my own Granny
Granny Daley, my Dad's mother
My life was very influenced by both of my Grandmother's
My Granny taught me many things.
She was a kind gentle woman.
She loved the Lord and she glowed with
That love. . 
She was very soft spoken, and quite shy.
She was always busy. . 
She raised nine children. . .yes, I said nine.
She devoted her life to my Papa and her
Children, and Grandchildren.
I love my Granny very much.
The older I get the more I realize what a
Profound influence she was on me.
She was a beautiful crocheter.
I am sure I inherited my talents from her.
I have some of the delicate crochet work she did
I cherish her memory.
I pray that as her granddaughter
My life will emulate the beauty of
My Granny.

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