Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joan's Beautiful Home

This past weekend I traveled to my
Hometown. . while there I visited with my
Cousin Joan.
Her home is so welcoming and inviting. 
I love to visit with Joan.
She is a fun person to be with.
She has beautiful design and decorating taste.
Love this living room sofa.  
Joan has that fine eye for detail and beauty.
Another view of her living room
I could have spend hours taking pictures of her home.
Every detail is beautiful
The oil painting my great-aunt Colleen painted.
Lucky Joan to have one of her painting. . .
A beautiful blend of color, new with the vintage.
All done in the delicate decor taste of my cousin Joan
I have always admired my cousin.
She has taught me a lot.
Just one of those things where the younger child admires the older one.
She is a beautiful person. . .not only on the outside,
But, Joan is genuine, she has a beautiful Spirit.
So glad we are cousins.
I am going to show you more of Joan's house
She has some of the family heirlooms.
And she has a beautiful yard.
Our family has a tendency to be a little "fussy"
About things like our houses, and our yards!
Just sayin!
Be sure to come back for move of
Joan's Home.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

End Of The School Year

As you all may know I work for
The School District
Transportation Secretary
I have the best job!
I work with wonderful people.
Who I enjoy very much.
But I have to tell you it can be a very stressful job
We transport school age children over millions of miles
The school buses are traveling in all kinds of weather, 
And over all kinds of roads. . . 
We cover the roads to the Nevada and Idaho borders.
We travel over mountain passes and long lonely desert roads.
We carry the students to hundreds of Sporting Events,
Concerts, Academic Events, and of course Field Trips.
We carry the most precious cargo this country has. . 
Our Children. . 
We do this with patience, endurance, precision, timing and logistics.
Next time you see a school bus, 
Pause, and thank the good Lord. 
There is much more to the education of our children than
Classrooms. Their education begins on the 
Yellow School Bus!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiny Summer Porch

Oh, darn! I just have a tiny little front porch!
I have always had a large one, but when I
Moved to my Condo, the porch downsized. . 
Oh, well, you just work with what you have.
Welcome to my Porch. . 
I have had my colored pots for quite sometime. . Love to plant them.
And the little bench I recently found at DI (thrift store).
The little birds have been with for a long time also.
They have always been on my porch.
I can't wait for the fragrant smell of the lavender.
Just amazing what color does to the outside, as well as the inside. . 
Love my colorful pots.
Remember I live in the high deserts of Utah and it takes a while for
Our plants to begin to grow and fill out.  
I was just able to get these planted over the rainy weekend.
My daughter and her family always give me a pretty potted plant to put on the porch.
And it is always purple. . 
It went through the rain storm we had very well.
Soon I will have my back yard and porch and patio to show you.
My son is helping me get that all landscaped.
There is always so much to do in the Spring
And then Summer comes and I can enjoy the outdoors.
I hope you are all enjoying the spring and getting ready for summer.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Love My Hutch And More

Well, wouldn't you know it. . 
I had plans to plant flowers this week-end
But, that sweet ole Mother Nature changed things for me
It is cold and cloudy and sometimes rainy. . 
Not a good time to be outside planting and doing
Outside projects.
So. . . .I will just have to change my plans.
Not too much you can do about 
Mother Nature. 
(Ya gotta love her)
I realized I haven't shown you my cute hutch
Not for a long time. . . Maybe not since Christmas.
Oh, My!
If you recall, I told you how I bought this little beauty
On sheer emotion! 
Yip, I did!
I saw it at an antique store. . and the minute my eyes spotted her.
I know she had to be mine.  She was waiting for me
The shop owner let me make payments on her
And soon, I brought her home.
Her name is Aunt Carol
Why, you ask, because my sweet Aunt Carol who I adored
Had one just like this one. . .
It is solid maple wood, and not a scratch on her.
She is made by Ethan Allen. . .Early 1960-1970
Hmmmmm. . Do I love my Aunt Carol Hutch.
Of course the top is decorated. . .my little tea pots.
Lady Bug is on the left.
My cute friend Sue gave me this beautiful tiered plate
For my Birthday clear back in January.
Oh, I love it. . .for Spring it has some of my
Many (millions) crocheted flowers.
I don't think I have even shown you my cup-cakes.
I even have some salt and pepper shakers that are cup-cakes.
Ya, gotta love Cup-Cakes!
These are my latest "Thrifty Treasure Finds"
I had the cute little Pfaltzgraff tea pot I found at the thrift store. . 
Well, low and behold, this week I found this cute little
Sugar bowl to match. . How lucky am I?
I am always on the look for Pfaltzgraff dishes.

Well, there you go. . a show-off of my
Aunt Carol Hutch
And all the cute things she holds.
And my Thrifty Treasure Find for the week.
I hope you will come back again
I want to show you my front porch,
I did get it decorated before the clouds and rain came.
Hope you are Happy and Hopeful

A little quote I found today:
" Making a House a Home not only blesses you and your Family
But it also gives peace to those who enter."
I hope I give peace to those who enter my home. . 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Time for Planting

Oh, boy the time has come.
My Great-Grandpa always said after
May 15th you can plant flowers and gardens
And the temperature won't freeze them.
Well, it is time.
Today here in Utah it has been in the 90's
I am ready to start planting.
My son is going to help me get my back yard landscaped.
I am so excited.
I love to plant, and dig in the dirt, and work. . 
Then I love to see the beauty of nature take hold.
I went to Pinterest to get some inspiration
I found the cutest ideas for my vacant chairs.
Here are just a few of the ideas.
I am going to do this one.  I have the chair, I have the basket
I even have the spray paint.
I have the exact same chair. . .just need to do the planting.
More inspiration, cute chair!
Cute, cute, cute.
I love old chairs. . 
I find them all the time at the thrift store.
Now they are going to decorate my back yard.
Well, I know what I will be doing tomorrow.
Picking out the plants I want for my chairs.
(I wish I could give credit for the inspiration and photos)
Don't you just love Pinterest?

See you back her later. . .
Hope to have my own chair pictures. . . 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

In Honor of My Mother

Can a child forget their mother?
Never, I say!
Once you have been nurtured, loved and cared for
By your mother you can never forget. . 
I lost my mother at a very young and tender age
And I have never forgotten her love.
I have never forgotten how she cared for me
With tenderness and gentleness. . .
Oh, I will never forget.
And as long as I live, her memory will live.
Bonnie Bliss Beddoes Daley
Someday in the eternities she will hold me in her arms
Mother and Child 
All will be Well.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

As I was turning onto the street where I live. . 
I couldn't help but notice my little cottage (condo).
I had a feeling of gratitude for
After a long day of work my home appeared as a
Safe haven and refuge.
It is a humble little place. . but it is Home.
I love how the tree cast a gentle shadow. .
And just look at that gorgeous blue sky. .
Oh, how I love the sky!
My little front door seemed to say
Welcome Home
We have been waiting for you.
I guess you would call me a "Homebody"
I love being home. . .
No matter where I roam, there is no place like

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

With Tender Memories

This week, I am dedicating my blog to the
Wonderful Women  who I call
These are my two Great-Grandma's on my
Dad's side of the family
I knew them. . .I loved them. . 
I learned lessons from their lives.
This is my Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Daley
Graham Little Daley and
Margaret Eva Simonds Daley
They were the parents to 14 children. . yes I said 14!
10 sons and 4 daughters.
She was an amazing woman. . very creative
Devoted to her family and to her husband.
She lived a long, long life.
I remember her very well.
This is me and her at her 85th birthday party
I was 16 years old. I cherish this picture of
My Great-Grandma Daley and the memories it evokes.
This is Great-Grandma with her four daughters.
Notice how my great-Aunts are dressed.
Mind you we are at the park. . .
They wore dresses, necklaces, and beautiful aprons.
I remember the tables being covered not with plastic
But with tables clothes, and we used "real" dishes.
Ah, how the times have changes.
Her crochet work and her quilting and sewing were
Incredibly beautiful
Hmm, I jut wonder. . .maybe I inherited her talents?
Great-Grandma Daley you taught me so much
Just by your simple goodness.
Thank you. . I am blessed to be your

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

I am knee deep in projects.
And nothing completed. . . .Yet!
So I will showcase some beauties from

I am looking for ideas for my 
Garden Shed
I have a small yard.
I want to keep it rustic.
I really like this one.
Hmmm. . .Maybe this is the way I will go.
Do you have a garden shed. . 
How have you decorated it and landscaped around it?
Just thinkin' and wonderin'.
Hope your day is good in the neighborhood.