Thursday, May 23, 2013

End Of The School Year

As you all may know I work for
The School District
Transportation Secretary
I have the best job!
I work with wonderful people.
Who I enjoy very much.
But I have to tell you it can be a very stressful job
We transport school age children over millions of miles
The school buses are traveling in all kinds of weather, 
And over all kinds of roads. . . 
We cover the roads to the Nevada and Idaho borders.
We travel over mountain passes and long lonely desert roads.
We carry the students to hundreds of Sporting Events,
Concerts, Academic Events, and of course Field Trips.
We carry the most precious cargo this country has. . 
Our Children. . 
We do this with patience, endurance, precision, timing and logistics.
Next time you see a school bus, 
Pause, and thank the good Lord. 
There is much more to the education of our children than
Classrooms. Their education begins on the 
Yellow School Bus!