Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiny Summer Porch

Oh, darn! I just have a tiny little front porch!
I have always had a large one, but when I
Moved to my Condo, the porch downsized. . 
Oh, well, you just work with what you have.
Welcome to my Porch. . 
I have had my colored pots for quite sometime. . Love to plant them.
And the little bench I recently found at DI (thrift store).
The little birds have been with for a long time also.
They have always been on my porch.
I can't wait for the fragrant smell of the lavender.
Just amazing what color does to the outside, as well as the inside. . 
Love my colorful pots.
Remember I live in the high deserts of Utah and it takes a while for
Our plants to begin to grow and fill out.  
I was just able to get these planted over the rainy weekend.
My daughter and her family always give me a pretty potted plant to put on the porch.
And it is always purple. . 
It went through the rain storm we had very well.
Soon I will have my back yard and porch and patio to show you.
My son is helping me get that all landscaped.
There is always so much to do in the Spring
And then Summer comes and I can enjoy the outdoors.
I hope you are all enjoying the spring and getting ready for summer.
Have a wonderful week!