Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Auntie's Garden

Oh, don't you just love a garden?
I do. . I love Garden's
This is my Great-Aunt Colleen's Garden
It is truly an artistic masterpiece.
The work of a natural garden artist
In the mist of a bustling city. . is 
My Aunts Garden.
The form, the texture, the color 
All combined make this a tranquil place for everyone
My Aunt comes by this artistic talent quite naturally,
We who come from this family enjoy the pleasure of
The out of doors, and the contribution we can make to
Surround ourselves with loveliness.
I have spent many hours in the peacefulness of my Aunt's Garden
Enjoying her company and the beauty that surrounds present.
She and I hold true to the responsibility we all have
As Stewards of this beautiful heavenly object we call Earth.
We love to tend and beautiful our little spot.
Oh how I love a Garden!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

    Thanks for stopping by!



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