Thursday, July 25, 2013

Continued Precious Moments

Well, I promised I would show more of my
Precious Moments Collection.
The things I collect bring me happiness.
I love beautiful things. . .
I enjoy having beautiful things in my home.
There are just a few more of the
Precious Moments.
Many of them have been given to me by friends and family.
In times of joy, in times of sadness.  
All a reminder of Cherished Precious Moments.
My daughter gave this to me and my husband on our
25th Wedding Anniversary.
As many of you know my husband died shortly after.
This is truly a Cherished Precious Moment.
This is the February and April Birthday Precious Moments.
I cherish them because two very important people in my life have
Birthdays in these months.

I cherish the moments and I am thankful for little things that
Remind me of those moments. . .It puts a smile on my face.
This Precious Moment is The Gardener.
When my precious Aunt Carol passed away
One of my children found this for me.
My Aunt Carol loved a beautiful garden.
And she loved beautiful things.
This little figurine, reminds me of my 
Cherished Precious Aunt Carol.
I hope you have enjoyed viewing some of my collections
And be sure to come back. . .
Oh, my goodness, I have more collections.


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous Precious Moments collection, wow! I also love them so much, they bring me happy memories from when my daughters were Little they're in their early 30's! They are truly 'precios!' Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. Big hugs,

  2. Love your collection of Precious Moments!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet words!



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